Friday, April 23, 2010

House being foreclosed! I'm sorry WHAT!?

So I come home a couple of weeks ago to the house we are renting, and I see these two huge books of paper literally taped to our front door...

Come inside with Cameron saying "Whats that!?" So I sit down and see it's addressed to our landlords and it says very clear on the front "Notice of foreclosure" How embarrassing!

I call the attorneys and sure enough the house is in pre-foreclosure and going to auction May 17th! So now the hunt for a new house is on, again, after living here for 4 months... I swear we can not stay in a house, we constantly move! I should just keep our stuff packed in boxes. It would be cheaper! So we find a new house YAY, super cute and I love it, now we wait to move in........

April 12th, 2010

We are in a car accident, no fault of ours... but yet we have to pay for everything.... Our very reliable PAID OFF van is "totaled" and they are going to crush it and sell it for a hunk of metal, how devastating! The insurance company offers us 3,000.00 for it... I cried we he told me that number, how are we suppose to find another van, or equivalent that suits our family for 3,000.00 and it not be a hunk of junk! Here we are now looking for another vehicle, all fingers are pointing to us having a car payment now!

So we are moving, and buying a new car in one swoop! Can we pile anything else on???

Oh life... Am I getting strong yet?

The beginning

Everyone always tells me I should write a book... So I will do a blog! Life is crazy ya know? Like really crazy? I always hear the saying "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" Yeah I get that so I should be freakin super woman by now!

Come along on my roller coaster I call life....