Monday, May 17, 2010

Moving very slowlllllyyyyyy...

So we are slowly moving all of our stuff over to the new house, which is beautiful by the way! I am so happy when I am there. The house is only 4 years old so everything is new and works and I do not have to worry about anything breaking! Needless to say I'm in love! 

I am trying to think about the positives in life and NOT the negatives. Hard to do but I'm doing good. I am working on my craft room and getting all my obsessions down there and to start really crafting. I just finished making a art cable for Cameron so he can hang all of his artwork up and be proud! 

I did some little jewel magnets too. Which was very easy but it took my mind off of life and I love them! 

And instead of decorating the downstairs of the house which I normally do, I will just use what we have! I am going to redo our bedroom!!

I can not for the life of me decide on a new duvet for our bed! I thought delicate, sweet floral duvet with stripe sheets and a nice stark white bed skirt! But then again I thought a light pink or yellow so I can put some nice damask sheets or floral or white, well the possibilities are endless with a solid! I just don't know!

Pah. Off to mother =)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following. I think I am officially your first follower! I read through your blog and your life sounds like mine. We have moved about every 2 years for the past 10. We have lived in various cities in Canada, Washington DC metro area and now back to Canada. We have rented more homes than owned. I finally realized that it is my home and I have learned to spruce it up without spending too much. Every house we move to I paint, usually the landlords are ok with that. I have helped 3 sell their homes after I got through with them!
    I hope you post pictures of your latest place and any ongoing projects!
    A few other "famous" bloggers who rent- Little Green Notebook, The Nesting Place and The Shabby Nest. They create beautiful homes despite renting!

    Nice to meet you (hope I don't get dizzy following you on your rollercoaster ride)

    Barbara :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Tales from Bloggeritaville and adding as a follower.I started blogging what will be 3 years in July. When I began, quite honestly I had little idea what a blog was. My husband is a computer nerd so I was trying to prove something to myself. I started it by posting work related editorials. My blog couldn't be father now from that reflection, misspellings, slang and all. And had anyone asked me to communicate with strangers via computer...I would've laughed in their face. But I am in awe of the friendships I have forged through bloggers.
    Welcome! I love new friends!

  3. Welcome to blogging! You will love it! Hop on board with a site like SITS! ( Can't wait to see what all you come up with!

  4. Hi Holly! Thanks for stopping by my blog! We have a few things in common:) My name is Holly too:), and I have a daughter named Audrey, and I recently was forced out of my home due to the landlords forclosure. LOL. I wish you all the best!!!

  5. Oh, so lovely, the green is so fab !



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