Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blogger making it difficult for a newbie!

Blogger has a new template maker and I like it because I can have columns on both sides now BUT some things look off…. Like my picture of my daughter and I is HUGE and into some of the text!

I wonder if this will fix itself once it adjusts to my blog… I guess we will see =)

My husband is going to get two chairs for me! I’m so excited!

Oh and we went home for the weekend (home = Richmond VA) And my baby cousin graduated high school! I am so proud of him he had honor roll every year and graduated with something like a 4.25GPA! But while we were there I picked up a cute little desk table thing, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it and my wonderful husband suggested we put our TV on it! And I actually like it!! So I need to take pictures of that, the new chairs and the new craft desk!!

Off to deal with my kiddos, my 3 year old thinks its “fun” wrapping a string around my 9 month olds neck… Scary… =( I wish they came with directions!

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  1. Hi Holly, thanks so much for the sweet comment. I truly am that old. Believe me my body reminds me daily. Thank goodness my face has never looked my age. When I was 23 and pregnant and working in a doctor's office a patient asked me if I was about sixteen years old. I told her no, 23. My daughter has gone through the same thing and she will be 30 in November. Did you get your stuff on here straightened out? It looks right to me. I switched to the new design this weekend and you have to change the width, too. It is under layout I believe. I had to keep tweaking mine till it fit. I hope you drop by again.


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