Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am just not in to maroon!

My wonderful mother and her new fiancé (thats the man version right?) brought me a cutsie little plant for a house warming gift and it was in a really nice planter that I will use when I kill this plant like I do all the rest. But the planter was a maroon? I don't know.... I am not a fan!

So I took out the plant thankfully it was in a separate pot! Easy for me! And now I am painting it more of a my taste color... BLACK!

My kitchen is in orange and yellow so black fits right in with the paper towel holder and the knife block thingy!

You know what is worse than waiting for your newly finished redo to dry is? Waiting for the dumb battery to charge in your camera to take pictures!! Gosh I am sitting around like biting my nails!!

After pictures to come!!



I like the matte finish! Matches everything so well =)

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