Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Love You Craig

Craig as in Craigslist! He has been good to me lately! Yesterday, 2 hours after “Curb Alert” was posted I arrived and got an antique wardrobe and it was actually still there. Some very strange guy told me my husband should come with me, and that he wanted to steal me and take me home! YIKES I got in the truck and locked the doors so fast you might of that I was Flash!



And then today my wonderful husband went and got a FREE armoire for me! It is very very very heavy! And I love it, but they painted a horrible black and brown and missed spots and had paint drooling down! Um bad.

So here they are…..

Needs a good cleaning and heavy duty sanding and yes I may repaint it! But I love it!


Love the drawers inside and the other side is just empty!





That is what I will be working on for awhile! I really need a electric sander!! ha =)


  1. Wow I can't believe that was free!! What a great deal it's awesome!

  2. Wow Holly!! Both of them are awesome! Can we say "lucky"?!

    Since you're going to paint them versus "refinish" them, instead of painstakingly sanding them, get you some "Kilz" (primer) and paint them with that first. No heavy duty sanding needed :) Can't wait and see 'em when they are finished. I'm jealous!!!



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