Monday, June 21, 2010

Tour of the house and the many things I have in store for it!

So here is our house.. Let me know what you think and what I can add! I am all ears!

Walking in to our bedroom..


Up close of my favorite lamp from Home Goods!


Cords… I hate cords…. I guess I will have to buy those little hide-a-cord things! I know ikea has fun little boxes to cram them all in!


What do you do with all your cords?


haha Trying to be sneaking stuffing them into a basket… Not fully painted because I ran out of paint… oh well!


I loved the duvet before I painted the end table now it doesn’t go so I am in the market for another one =)




We could use the closet as a 4th bedroom!


This one is dark. Sorry. But looking in from the bathroom


So this space. I really liked the stuff on the desk/table thing BUT I really want an armoire. So when I find a good one I am going to put it where the cords are coming out of the wall and I will find a cute little chair for the desk!

P6210059 P6210060

I love my rocking chair. I rocked both my sweet little babies in this.. I can’t get rid of it!


Yep master bathroom! The doors look gold but they actually are a decent silver. I hate the doors but we rent so we can’t just rip them out because I don’t like them! haha



Apparently I should be doing laundry instead of blogging.. But this empty space? Yep that's where I need a linen closet so I am searching for one I like! I have a few ideas!



Up close of the duvet…. And Lucy <3


Coming out of our bedroom. Again dark sorry I need to work on my lighting! I like the little light hanging but I am not a brass fan! So if this were our house that would become something different. But I will live with it…


Looking down the hall to the kids bedrooms and their bathroom. Doors are shut because they are A SLEEP!! Hello diaper pail…. YUCK


Here is my art cable, missing the cable and the art but the cable is coming I am just having an issue finding something sturdy enough!


Outside of each kids room is something for them. Cameron’s is a plaque that says “Cameron’s Room” with an airplane. And Audrey’s is a pink tu tu.


Here is this empty space outside of our bedroom. I want to put a little dresser thing there with a picture of the kids above it. They have a nice little light pointed on the wall right there. Lovely.


Twirling down the steps.


Again… I am not an oak kind of person so if this were my house this all wood be dark wood. Hi toilet paper… Gosh I didn’t stage very well! So you can see we really live here haha


Front door. Door to the garage. Door to the basement.


Foyer. At one point my taste was white and cottage but with small kids it’s just not feasible. So this bench will either get moved or get painted… Eventually!




Front of the house.




The porch where my colorful chairs and curtains will go at some point!


Down the sidewalk. To the street.


Back inside to the dining room. I should of opened the curtains for you!


I am really wanting a round table. I think the space would flow much better!


Little lights match the sconces on the dining room wall. And bar stools will be here when I find some I like.


I like these gizmos. I know they have a name but yep I don’t know it!


I like the niche! Its cute… I don’t really have anything to put in there yet.. And Cameron’s HUGE table that will be gone soon too! (To the basement that is)


Window seats WILL BE HERE!! For now a piano and potty =) Yes I am a mother…


Ok I will have an armoire in here to replace the bookshelf and the bookshelf may go into the foyer with bins and a cute mirror above it. I hate wires!




Looking from the back door.



Ok that's it! That's our house… Minus the kids bedrooms! I will go those later!

Give me your thoughts and ideas!! I’m so curious! Good & Bad!

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  1. bestie i adore your house. its beautiful & you are so crafty.. jealous, haha but im sure whatever else you will do will be wonderful! you def need to get a pic of lil precious room.. its soo pretty. loves you! <3 =)


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