Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What a night…

My 3 year old son has completely rebelled against me and anything that I say.. He is doing like the teenage rebelling already! So he is under our dining room table hitting our Chihuahua and I am saying “Cameron stop doing that”, “Cameron get from under the table before you break something…” “Cameron stop swatting at Lucy"

And then all of a sudden my brand new camera went flying to the ground with a lot of force…. As he was coming down to hit Lucy his hand caught the cord from me uploading to the computer and down came the camera… Screen is all cracked… I just started crying, yep thats right I saw 300.00 being burned right there on my floor… It still works and hopefully the pictures won’t have a huge crack in them, but we will have to send it off to Olympus and see how much it’s going to be to fix the broken screen!

And then after all that! He doesn’t go to bed until 2am! Wow he is a teenager already I swear it!

I’m exhausted!

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