Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back from Vacation!!

So I took the kids home to my moms for a couple days just to get a break from the real world and let my mommy take care of me! haha My husband came for a few days but then he had to go back to work! We enjoyed the pool and sun and just enjoying being with my mom!

We had a traumatic experience yesterday morning and I am almost embarrassed to share but for the sake of a lesson well learned I will. When Cameron was a baby my mom would keep him so she bought him a really nice crib off of craigslist. I wasn’t crazy about it having a drop down side but it seemed pretty sturdy. So now Cameron is in a big boy bed and Audrey was using the crib mom bought. And yesterday morning she was crying so I went to get her out of her crib for the morning and she was wedged in between the drop down side and the mattress. Apparently a screwed had come out and she slid down in between them! It was so tight she could barely breath and I yanked and pulled and I could not get it off of her! So I called 911 she was fading and I could see all of her color draining out of her. So the ambulance got there and the paramedics were extremely fast and one guy put his foot on the mattress and pulled with everything he had to get the side off of her and the other guy drilled the screws or whatever they are and got the side off. They checked her out, her heart was perfect, her lungs were fine and her stomach was fine! She was very scared and I was crying and then it was over…

So for all moms with kids in cribs PLEASE CHECK YOUR SCREWS on a regular basis! This could of very quickly had a different outcome! Her crib at home, we spent a lot of money on for this very reason! Her crib is solid and I can shake it with all my might and it does not move! Your crib should not shake or squeak!

Ok on to a better subject! I did a lot of thrift finding and hunting and buying on craigslist over my little vacation and I can not wait to show you everything, but I need to get some other things finished before I show you my new things! I am going to get started on everything I have RIGHT NOW!
Stay tuned =)

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