Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dag on it!!

So 2 days ago we are leaving wal-mart and we do our - every time we leave a public place - hand sanitizing bit! The whole family gets it! So my husband, the big ole teddy bear that he is, is gripping he hates it! And I said to him “Would you rather be sick, I mean when is the last time any of us got sick!?” And here I am….. Sick with a summer cold!!!!!!!!!!!
I have lots going on. I finished the armoire. I got a new dresser that I am in love with! And I have some accessories and shelf hanging I need to share… but not today! At least not right now! I am staying in BED!

Oh and if you haven’t entered the Serena & Lily sheet set give away yet, you should! Here ya go! =)

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