Monday, July 26, 2010

Holy Hydrangea!

First, I wanted to share with you what I'm doing right now and it couldn't be more
perfect! {Well unless my hubby was here with us enjoying it}

P7260215 P7260216
This is my spot! Lovely new drawer with rocks in it, waiting for candles to join,
but for now… A nice glass of sweet tea {yes I’m southern to the core} and the
lappy! I’m a happy camper!

My son’s amusement park! Audrey enjoys some of it!
There is a smaller slide in the back too.

I am a nut for green grass! I water mine and talk to it constantly!

P7260219 P7260220
The first picture is where my new hydrangea’s will be going. More on
that in a second! Notice the two small plants, they are hydrangeas
and I never knew they were there until a few days ago!!
Second picture is clearly the dogs and them enjoying the nice weather!

P7260221 P7260222
My little peanut and Lucy on the blanket, playing!

I love our home and my family!


Ok onto the hydrangeas! I want some big ones!! {That’s what she said} Sorry felt like
it fit there! I was on craigslist and thought I would just look and see if anyone was
selling/giving away mature hydrangea plants! And sure enough! The woman’s
mom could no longer care for them and she wanted them to go to a good home!
She said no one was interested and she had them for sale for 15.00 a piece,
but she is giving them to me for 10 bucks!! WOO! She is even digging them up!

My husband is going to get them tomorrow!


You can see they are browning and are screaming for water!
I’m coming my pretties!!!

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