Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I want to share a secret with you…

Her name is Andrea and she is the owner of the cutest little shop called Faded Plains.

summer living pic-fan

Here is what she says :

“Here at Faded Plains, we love living a simple country life. We hope to encourage others to live more simply by bringing you wonderful vintage and vintage style goods inspired by farmhouse living....near and far.

Simple. Country. Living.”

Is that not simply perfect!?

Not only does she have a way with words but Faded Plains has such great items for sale and at AMAZING prices!

Prices that even little peons like me can afford! I’m all about that!

Take a look

FrenchBeetags600p frenchtranscripts600p2
The cutest French Bee Tags & loveliest c. 1800 Handwritten French Transcript!

huntleysham600p lavendersign
Huntley & Palmers Pillow Slip & Fresh Lavender Sign

WoodenBobbinBundle600p petitejug600p
I know you ladies love some wooden bobbins & how about the cutest little Pitcher you’ve ever seen!?

farmhousesoap600p RustyKeys600p
Farmhouse soap? Yes please. Rusted keys? ABSOLUTELY!

I am completely in love with Andrea and her amazing little shop!

Faded Plains, you are simply amazing keep it up!

Maybe if you love Andrea as much as I do, we can talk her into a giveaway?

So go. Check her out. Fall in love.

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  1. Yes she has a lovely blog, I have been over there. I love anything that has to do with simplicity. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  2. Ahh...thanks so much Holly...and you talked me into it...I'll get a giveaway together in the next couple weeks.

    Thanks again!

  3. I love all of it especially the keys. Thanks for introducing her shop to me.

  4. Oh my gosh all these things are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oooh, just charming stuff. Thanks so much for sharing. The wooden bobbins and rusty keys are my favourite. I think you definitely need to try and talk her into a giveaway!
    The Painted Hive


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