Friday, July 23, 2010


Remember yesterday I told yall how I was in a funk! Well apparently I have been oozing funkiness because my wonderful amazing husband came home yesterday and said “Holly go out, go shopping, you need to get out the house! You haven’t been out in days!” It’s true! I have been in my pajamas for probably a week. So I hit the shower and was out the door lickity split! I had a couple places I wanted to hit! One being this cute little thrift store that just opened up a few blocks away from me! I ride by it with my husband and I always break my neck and he never stops! HMPH!
So yesterday I made it my mission to stop there! And I did!! Here is what I got :
This picture was right at the door when I walked in! As soon as I seen it I loved the colors and the flowers and when I looked at the price tag and it said $1.00 pah! it was a no brainer!
So with me it came!

It’s not a print, its a real canvas painting. There is a name on it but I have never heard of it.

The frame is beat up but nothing some paint can’t fix. I am not sure how it’s going to look
painted white so I will have to experiment ;)

Well I am constantly looking at Decor Chick, she is one of my favorite bloggers! So the other day I read how she turned an old drawer into a candle holder! Oh my gosh I loved it, like instantly!! Then I started thinking to myself “What is the likely hood I will walk in to a thrift store and find just one drawer” So yesterday I walked into the thrift store and there they were… A few of them, she got hers for 1.00 I paid 5.00 but that's ok! The thrift store is a non profit who donates all proceeds to an adult sober house! See what she did here and yes I will be doing something to it! Probably what she did I can’t lie =) What can I say Emily, I love you!

Then in the back in a lonely corner here stood these two really long wooden curtain rods! And I am on the hunt for some but for cheap! He said both of them for 5 bucks! So of course I got them! I have a couple things I want to do with them! So you wait and see =)
Excuse my naked son!
Eww brassy!
And it unscrews HOORAY!

So 11 bucks in that thrift store! Sure I’ll take that! And they had a TON of furniture which I love but I took our small car on purpose!

Ok that was store number one.

Store number two was of course Goodwill, what kind of thrift shopping day would it be without a trip to Goodwill! I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, this funk I am in has my head in a cloud and I can’t think straight! It’s so weird! I had to use the GPS to go anywhere yesterday just so I didn’t have to think!! It’s bad.. Back to Goodwill here is what I got :
New in the package from Target a curtain rod! haha I’m on a curtain rod high! I have SOO many windows in this house, for real like 15!


And then I go over to the house wares section and I remembered I needed a candlestick for my cheese cloche turned cookie stand but no luck! Then I start chatting with this one lady, her cart seriously was packed over my head!! She needed a second cart, and she was looking at the sheets and stuff. So I started looking too and I don’t buy that stuff! And I touch sheets and I know exactly what they are!! Pima cotton sheets! I LOVE THEM so I hunt for the tag, sure enough pima cotton HOTEL COLLECTION FROM MACY’S!!! These sheets are like $200!! Needless to say I spread them out to make sure they were ok and they were!! I am like freaking out WHAT KIND OF PERSON GIVES THESE PERFECTLY AMAZING SHEETS AWAY!
Which I am ok with!!!

Remember I was needing some non scratchy sheets? Are yall keeping up here? My Serena & Lily give away here, yeah that ends TODAY PEOPLE!! GO AND ENTER!! Over at Serena & Lily they are big on {Every Layer Counts} and I had forgotten that! And I had old scratchy sheets!
Not anymore….


We slept on them last night. I came home and washed them in the sanitize cycle and at 11:00 last night I woke my husband up to put them on the bed! It was like sleeping on a cloud! So soft and comfortable!

I had to stop at target for some curtain rod bracket things but they had none! Weird. So I got some curtain clips and a pair of shorts for Audrey for $1.25 and a skirt for $1.00! So I am pretty happy with myself

Total spend yesterday $25.00!

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  1. Hi Holly. Thanks for stopping by my site to see my pie. I think your site will inspire me to decorate my house in really creative ways. Hope you'll be a follower. I certainly will be one of yours.

  2. WOW... what GREAT finds! I'm so happy that you found everything you did!
    Lucky girl :)

  3. I'm wondering what you husband said when you work him up so that you could put on your new sheets? hahaha. Great buy!

  4. You found some wonderful items and the prices were great. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What great finds. It is amazing what you can discover if you dig. It also never seems to amaze me what other people get rid of.

    :) Michelle


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