Saturday, July 10, 2010


Who knew this would make me as happy as it does!! I am just floating, which is nice because its a rainy, dreary day here and now I am just glowing!!!!!
So thank you very much to the Head Chocolatier over at The Answer is Chocolate!

Head over and check her out she is quite amazing!
Ok so for the rules… I have to tell you 7 interesting things about me!
1. I am madly in love with my husband, every time he comes home from work I get butterflies in my stomach! Even when we are not on great terms!
2. I think my kids are the cutest, prettiest, most perfect children in the world.
3. I have an amazing relationship with my mom. She is my go to girl for everything and I take everything she says to heart! I am so happy for her in the journey she is on right now. Getting married August 28th to a truly amazing man!
4. I don’t have many friends, although the ones I do have are simply amazing. I guess I am a firm believer in Quality not Quantity!
5. I am ready to have a 3rd baby! And everyone thinks I am crazy!! Maybe I am?
6. I have lived in many rental homes, and with each one I love it even more!
7. I am a OCD perfectionist and it took me 4 years to persuade my husband that it is the best way to live! And now he loves everything perfect and clean too (or at least he acts like he does either way I am ok with it)
So there you go. A little bit more about me! I am a very complex creature!
Now the next thing is passing this on to 15 bloggers whom I just love.
1. Remodelaholic
2. Impatiently Praying for Patience
3. Just a Girl
4. The Hand Me Down House
5. A Place For Us
6. Smart Bottom Enterprises
7. hodge:podge
8. Perfectly Imperfect
9. The Working Homekeeper
10. Mommy Moves Again
11. FleaMarket Trixie
12. Green Gracie Home
13. less cake {more frosting}
14. our life in a click
15. Domestically Speaking
Okay I am going to break the rules! There is one more blog I just have to add because her home is gorgeous and she has extremely amazing taste!!
16. Cre8tive Designs Inc.
Ok there you go in no particular order blogs I visit very often, including the lovely lady’s blog who presented me this award - The Answer is Chocolate ! Thanks again =)

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