Monday, July 12, 2010

Now this I would spend money on!

I know yall were cringing over the 425.00 basket! And I know you have heard (or saw) me say how in love with Serena & Lily I am, I’m sorry! I look at the magazines and their website and just drool! So clearly I could go broke there but my husband won’t let me!

So it’s only a couple pieces at a time BUT look at their sheets!! I mean it’s got to be amazing when they look comfortable and cozy on a computer screen!! And I love the title of their bedding section


Can you see it? “Every Layer Counts” Which I forget a lot!! We have a nice duvet, its comfortable but underneath are a store we all love but they don’t have the best sheets, sheets (in red) YIKES….. They are so scratchy and they don’t look pretty after washing! I forget Every Layer Counts!! So thank you Serena & Lily for reminding me! It should be applied to every aspect of life!

What do yall think??

Right now I am drooling over….


Serena & Lily

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