Friday, August 13, 2010

Blah day.

I am battling my migraines, or whatever they are, went to the doctor the other day! He did lots of tests, said he was worried about the “combination” of things I’m going through!


So I want a Canon Rebel t1i DSLR!!!!!! Anyone have one??? Do you like it???

HEY CANON. You should send me one to do a review on I do amazing reviews and would be very grateful =)

Love your friend,


I have something to show yall tomorrow that I am completely in love with I really just need to get the motivation to finish it! I almost did not finish it and just wanted to stick it in my room, but I talked myself out of it because I want it to be done so I don’t have to go back and finish it!! Do yall do that?? Have way finish something and then put it at the bottom of your “TO DO” list!?


I did want to put a few pictures in the post! Isn’t a post always better with some beautiful things to look at?? Ok good..

And off we go..

Well thanks to my lovely Beth she made me look more closely at the words on the picture {hehe} and this is from Making Memories. This is so brilliant! I really enjoyed her blog today and love fun things to do with my kids and she has TONS!! Go check it out! And thank you to my Beth {gah I love her} Go check her out too she is awesome! She puts the love in lovely! {I know I could of done better than that but I’m tired!!} You can visit her well…… here

Country Living – Does this not look so comfy and fluffy and oh so inviting!?!? {If you know anything about me you will know I am obsessed with fluffy beds!!}

A craigslist ad for Amish farm tables! OHH I want it… keep this picture in mind I have something up my sleeve =)

You all know this is Pottery Barn. Big baskets? Check! Fluffy stuff inside big baskets? Check! Fall? Check! Books? Check! Yep it’s all there

Again… I don’t know the source! Please tell me if you do! I want to be on the beach, sipping a margarita!! I am feeling the pressures of life!!

Hope yall had a good, productive, fast week!



  1. Lots of good stuff here Holly! (And since the hotdog pic has "Making Memories With Your Kids" written across it I'm assuming that's your blog picture source for ya right there girlfriend!) LOVE the farm table.

  2. Hi from NFF! I have been struggling with migraines for years - if you are looking for an effective medicine, Imitrex works very well for stopping a migraine once it has started.

  3. The hot dog octopus is cute. My kids won't eat hot dogs though. The Country decor shots are wonderful :)

  4. Sorry about your migraines.Have you found a trigger for them? I had one for eleven days last year (not full blown thank goodness). We were camping and it turned out it was being triggered by diesel fumes!I had noticed on the highway the fumes caused palpitations. Dr. said it is fairly common in those sensitive to migraines.Topimax will stop the pain but has side effects.Sorry this was so long but I hope your feeling better soon! Annette

  5. We just got a new cannon and LOVE it!!!!
    Here is the link...

    Bonnie :)

  6. I have a Canon Rebel and I absolutely love it...I had never had a "real" camera before and my hubby surprised me with this one...Now I go everywhere and take photos...It's opened a whole new of life for me..and it is so easy!!!

    MY little trick for a might work for you...if I suspect I'm getting one I run to get 1 tylenol and 1 aleve (I use the WalMart generics) and take it with a Coke or something with has changed my life!!! The trick is to take it before the migraine is full blown...
    I hope this might help you!!!

  7. I love that table!! Thanks for following My Junk Drawer, I am following back. :)

  8. In response to your little rant about a Canon Rebel SLR! I want one too! I was holding one in my hand yesterday afternoon @ Walmart! Wishing I could own one sooner, but I also want a macbook, so I have to decide what I want to save up for!

  9. Thanks for posting about our octo-dog dinner! It wasa huge hit at my house.

    Hope you're feeling better!


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