Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free table[s]

I got 2 new, free tables off of good ole craigslist..

These are a little more beat up but that’s ok!

One is a pedestal table and a leaf with 3 chairs. Their dog used it as a chew toy so I am filling in the ginormous holes

P8050148 P8050149 P8050150 P8050151 P8050152 P8050153 P8050154 P8050155

I am using this cool stuff plastic wood… It goes on and dries pretty quickly, so you can mold it and sand it down and get the shape you want! I will update you on how well it works and take some pictures so you can see, but so far I think it’s pretty cool!
Have you used this?

And this is the second table with a leaf and 4 chairs, it’s in good condition but FILTHY!!!
I am talking attracting flies kind of filth! I had to go inside to see if our own table looked like this! Thankfully it did not.. Did these people never wipe their stuff down?

Anyways it was free.


Sorry took the legs off before I took a picture, its your regular farm style table

P8050159 P8050160 P8050161 P8050162 P8050163 P8050164

YIKES! So I needed a lot of this……


Hot soap and water!

Will update more when they get closer to being done!

And just so everyone knows, I love Oprah. Her show is on Dream Jobs, and she had a man on there who turned her stage into a beauty with flowers and do you know what a lot of those flowers were!?! HYDRANGEAS!! {Love}



  1. I cannot believe someone would be able to look you in the face and say "Here's my table". It's so gross! I would be too embarrassed to throw it in the trash. I would make the Mr. burn it! That table is lucky to have found you... Can't wait to see what you make of it!

  2. I have used plastic wood quite a bit in the rehab remodel we just did. When I ran out, I had to go back to wood putty and I like plastic wood better!

  3. How do you find these free items! The table look like they'll be beauties once you're finished with them. I'll have to keep that plastic wood in mind if I come across any tables that need some TLC! I'll have to post the tables that I've revived and refinished for our cottage. Ciao http://oceanbreezesandcountrysneezes.blogspot.com/


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