Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friend making Monday, even though it’s Sunday!

I guess I could probably wait one more day but I feel like doing it now, over at Silver Lining it is Friend Making Monday!


Today I just woke up… Ugh we have the kids going to bed at a bedtime which is about 9:30 for our son and he is waking up at 7-7:30am, which I don’t like because I am not a good morning mommy type of gal! I moan and groan laying in bed wishing he would fall back asleep!

So Today my arm is sore… Yesterday I went to the Luckett’s Fair in Leesburg, VA to see Marian from Mustard Seed Creations. Her and her mom are simply amazing! And the things I bought I had to carry to the car and my arm is now sore!
Although half way to the car I passed a fire station.. filled with firemen.. and one helped me with my stuff and took it to the car! I almost wanted to put him in the car, of course I am happily married =)

I heard something about going to feed the ducks today with my kiddos!

Or maybe the airplane park! Which is right by the airport so the airplanes fly overhead and they are like touchable they are so close hence “Airplane Park”

A full day of getting the kids out into the sun and having some fun!

Even though I want to go back to Luckett’s Fair and shop Marian’s booth some more! Dernit…

Oh and I have pictures from yesterday! I did not take any of Marian’s booth so you will have to visit her page to see them, but I did take some of the antique store I went to which took my breath away!

So for now I’m off


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