Monday, August 9, 2010

I am all over the place… Ya heard?!

Alright well, I am going to start this post with a warning. My mind is elsewhere I have a lot going on at home and I feel like someone has removed my brain and left a hole!

So if I start to ramble, just smack me!

I went to the doctor today. Across the street from the doctor is dollar tree.

You know where this is going…

Candle stick from dollar tree. Glass thing-a-mob with top I had already, probably from goodwill!


P8090215 P8090216

Plus soaps from dollar tree. I love these the smell incredible!


P8090236 P8090237

I don’t know if I like it with the top on or off... I will have to see!

Cute smelly soap display =)


What’s this you say? It’s lemon scrub… originally from a very talented girl!

Want to make some?!? I know you do, it’s amazing!

I made it for my mom when she came to visit and she loves it

You can visit Under The Table and Dreaming to learn how to make this amazing scrub and she also has others! {Love}

Ok I saved the best for last……………

Remember a couple posts ago when I told you about my new found love Faded Plains?
If you don’t remember go here.

The other day she had some new stock and I went to check it out.
Wellllll I loved this cute little vintage white vase.
So I bought it.
And I got it today in the mail.
So lovely with cute little goodies!

P8090227 P8090228 P8090230 P8090231 P8090232

Cute little postcard. A key tag. A page out of a book. A pencil with Faded Plains on it.
All together with some twine.
And my favoritest part the little 2 bag full of the most fabulous scent!

Oh my gosh. I was so excited about the extras I forgot to put a picture up of what I actually bought!! So sorry...

Here it is, no flowers yet but they are coming! HUSBAND!! =)

Now I loved Andrea before but now I’m crazy in love with her!

Andrea, you rock!

Faded Plains

See I told you I was all over the place and for real I have like 20 more things to tell you about but I will spare you right now and save it for another day.

Yall be good!



  1. Love everything Holly!! Love the soaps in your new jars. :)

  2. i love the soap dish too bestie, creative && the vase on the shelf is toooo cute! keep them coming && hurry up to rva soo you can do all this stuff to my house. =)

  3. Wow, Holly! Loooove your apothecary jar -- how perfect for a bathroom! And I've been wanting to try out Stephanie's lemon scrub too .... do you just love it!?! Girl, you have the most darling blog!! :)

  4. Love your apothecary jar...and I'm so hapy to hear you liked your made my day ;o)

  5. Holly - I love your new jar! {and I too heart gorilla glue =)}Thanks so much for linking to the lemon scrub - I am so glad you had a chance to try it and like it! Thanks so much! Have a wonderful weekend ~ Stephanie Lynn


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