Thursday, August 12, 2010

I kicked butt and took names yesterday!!

This dresser was really dark wood.

You remember the free one from this post.

I really like it and was so excited to finish it.

And I am so excited to use my new toys!

Yep that’s right I got new toys

A sander that I bought from Home Depot

P8050136 P8050137 P8050138 P8050139 P8050140 P8050142

I used it to sand down the dresser. And I love it! Oh my gosh why was I hand sanding?
Do you sand by hand? Stop! Go buy this, its like 30 bucks and you can use a coupon!

You will thank me!

And then Wagner sent me this beauty so I can review it.

P8050167 P8050168 P8050169 P8050170 P8050171 P8050173 P8050174 P8050176 P8050177 P8050178

I was more than excited to see it arrive and was jumping all over the place!
As my hubs unwrapped I took pictures!
The fun little tag is made of rubber! GENIOUS!
{oh the little things in life}

P8050192 P8050197

 P8050194 P8050196   P8050198 P8050199

On the armoire here I spray painted the whole thing in Rustoleum’s Heirloom White which I love, but I wanted to use my power painter on the dresser, so I sprayed the heirloom white in large circle on a white piece of paper and took it to Home Depot to color match! And it came out perfect! So I got a big thing of it and could match the two pieces and use the power sprayer

Here are the numbas =)


I used Behr and it went on like butter!


Here she is all done. Painted with the power sprainter! {Spray painter in one you see that HAHA}

I left the original hardware on and sprainted {HAHA} it black!
They are cool and really pop!

I will do my review of the Wagner Power Painter in another post! But just to tell you one word on it. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

What's the pink thing on top you ask? Oh that's my jewelry holder you can see more of that here.


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  1. great job! how did you get that sprayer? for free? wowzers!

  2. I love the paint job! I too paint furniture and use a power sander! I've painted a few family pieces for our cottage, my next big job will be to paint the furniture in the guest room! Love the white you've used - I may use it also! If you'd like to "Follow" my new blog I'd appreciate it

  3. Great job! Now I read this after painting three rooms of furniture at the condo,LOL.
    I will check this out because I'm looking at painting some pieces at home too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Stopping by from Style Feature Saturday party! Love the dresser. You did an awesome job painting it! I just love furniture makeovers!

  5. Holly, it looks beautiful! I'm so glad you love your Wagner...I certainly do! Saves so much time, right? Thanks so much for linking up to Style feature Saturday! -shaunna :)

  6. Love it! I can't wait to get my hands on a power sprayer...except for the fact that my husband has "banned" me from paint recently. dangit!

  7. I just have a little Critter sprayer, but it is the most marvelous invention! Your dresser is lovely.

  8. Inquiring minds want to know how you received the sprayer for review! Your chest turned out very nice- like the black hardware for contrast and frugality. Visiting from Meg's party.
    :-) Sue

  9. how exciting that you get to try out the Wagner sprayer! The dresser turned out beautifully. :)

  10. looks great and you cant beat free!!!

    I love your enthusiasm...I can just see you jumping around and smiling for just about anything! It makes me smile, too.

    Thank you for joining my link party!!! ;) Come again next week, ok?

  12. Beautiful dresser! Love ur new toys jealous! Saw your post on Anything Related link party.

  13. That turned out great, Holly! LOVE that white! You guys did a great job! :)


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