Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Love Home Depot

I was in Home Depot and spotted these little treasures..

First the fun and colorful bins got my attention
{yes HD its working}

P8040118 P8040119 P8040120 P8040135
Colorful accent mirrors, the small and long ones for $4.00!

P8040121 P8040122 P8040123 P8040124

All sorts of fun rugs!! I love the flower one for $9.87 =)

And regular colors for $10.87!

Wow you could buy a few and put them together and have a HUGE rug!

P8040125 P8040126

Here are the fun, colorful bins that got me!

P8040127 P8040128

I want these for our garage the track kit! Isn’t that fun!
You hang your garden gear up there
$20.00 for organization!

P8040129 P8040130

Storage shelves! $40.00

P8040132 P8040133 P8040134

I love color! These colorful shelves are great and for only $10.00!!

Home Depot is seeing that more women are shopping and they are catering to us too now!
Go Home Depot!!


{home depot did not pay me for this. this is simply me giving love where love is due}

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