Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Love Meg!!!

So a couple weeks ago A Little Knick Knack celebrated 300 followers and she did an amazing give away, a handmade sign! And well as luck would have it I was her 300th follower!!!!!!! And I got something too!! A handmade sign!!!! She sent me the picture of it and saying I was excited is an under statement!!!!
I jumped up and down with pure happiness!! And still am!! I have been looking out my door for a while waiting for it to arrive! This morning I’m cleaning up and I was walking out to take the recycling to the bin and what did I trip on?!?!
What the heck is that!!!
OHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY PACKAGE!!!!!!!!
I flew inside with it while the kids are swarming me thinking it something for them!!! Can’t mama ever get anything!?!? NO!

And here it is up on the new free mantle!!
Wait… what's that!?!? WOODY! Get out of the picture!!

P8190390 P8190391 P8190392
Isn’t it lovely!!
Go visit Meg, she is super awesome and she is getting ready to have her 400th follower give away! Maybe you will be that lucky follower =)
Here is where she made the sign!

Thank you my love, I am ever so grateful! I will cherish it forever!



  1. Oh, is that adorable! I love getting packages too!:)

  2. How nice! It's so much fun to win something like that and get a surprise delivery.

  3. What a super nice surprise!!!


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