Sunday, August 1, 2010

A little bit of everything

I have been missing, but I have been working on so much! And birthdays! And family visits!
Oh how I love being busy! It’s so nice!

Enough talking lets get to the good stuff…

P7300347 P7300348
Ok this went horribly wrong. The weight of the drop cloth was weighing it down, so I had to go back to the store and get another little arm, curtain rod, holder thing! I guess that's what you get for buying cheap curtain rods!

P8010395 P8010397

Not only was the cheap curtain rod a problem but the curtains (drop cloths) themselves are being a pain in my butt… I bleached them and they came out two different colors!!! One is lighter than the other…. But for now they are hanging because I just have to walk away from this whole curtain hanging thing for a little bit! Any suggestions on this little problem-o?

P7300349 P7300350
Modge podge $5.99, 5x7 wood block $1.99, scrap book paper 30% off at Michael’s .70 cents =

P7310391 P7310392
A wonderful No Soliciting sign for under $9.00! Everything else I already had! =)
Now that is WAY prettier than those funky red and white store bought ones..

P7300353 P7310393 P7310394
Ok well… the base part needs another coat of paint! But I like it! Free flower pot, $4 for the 2 flowers, $1 for the light, left over spray paint! Cute $5 front porch flower pot!

P7310390 P7310389
Beat up brown shelf from Homegoods turned beautiful light pink shelf for Audrey’s room! The little Pilot Bear on top is from the guys at Andy’s training school, Andy was not there for her birth and when she was born they gave the bear to him to give to her on her birthday! Sometimes men can be great!

P7040105  P7300357
Here is my cheese cloche I am turning into a cookie stand! But I am having a hard time finding the perfect candlestick stand for it! BAH But it is pretty like this, with the pale yellow! It is so smooth and buttery!

P7300352 P7300351
I have everything I need for the bench makeover, but here it still sits! I enjoyed my sons birthday party today so I will start again tomorrow!

Oh yeah one last thing…….
I got a free table and chairs off of craigslist a few weeks ago and before I touched them I wanted to make sure I was not ruining them…. Did some research and the table is worth THOUSANDS… Yeah it’s going to auction! You can see it here, it is the first set of “free” items!


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  1. So fun! Looks like you have a lot of projects going on!
    I can totally relate. LOL.
    Good luck girl!
    Cool find with the table!

  2. Looks really good, can relate to the sign! Good work.

  3. Hi, Holly! I had to click over when I read your project "description." It made me smile. :) Your version is definitely much better than the ugly red and white ones!!! I'm visiting from The CSI Project. Hope you'll stop by my blog and say hi. :)


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