Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lots going on ‘round here yall!

If you don’t know yet I will tell you. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year. This is a big deal to me! My parents will be here, his parents will be here, his sister possibly. My house is by know means big, but I want it to feel big and comfortable.
I know I know. Thanksgiving is a long way away! But not really ya know! I have a lot to do!
I need to get a slipcover for our couch, it’s between this one and this one. I was going to attempt to make it and I have just given up on that idea until I master a couple smaller sewing jobbers!

I needed to paint 2 end tables. 1 is done! YaY! Here is what the table use to look like.
P8180368 P8180356

I need to get white curtains for 3 windows and French doors.
P8180360 P8180361P8180362
I need to paint the free buffet turned TV stand thingy. (pictured above)
Need to find a rug I love so I can accessorize with a color in it. Now that Summer is ending I don’t know about the one I wanted from overstock. I almost feel like I could make that wintery! Or go with something more neutral for the upcoming winter days like this one. Or go big (or go home) and buy something I really love that could do double duty winter and summer here. Whatcha think?
(Um excuse the mess… kids!!!)
On top of the rug needs to be a coffee table but I am having issues with that. I like one with space underneath like this one Sarah from A Beach Cottage found on the side of the road! If you don’t read Sarah’s blog go now, she has impeccable taste!! And now she has a trunk underneath which I love, I would probably do a basket but same thing right?
Or this one I found on craigslist just today.. it has storage which I love but its big and chunky and I can almost get away with decorating the middle of it so the kids can’t touch it! MUAHAHAHA
So I’m torn!
I need to repaint our table & chairs. Yep just did them a few months ago in dark, rich colors I thought I would like, but I don’t! It’s not me at all!
(ok well maybe I didn’t finish it completely last paint job because I knew I didn’t like it! so I need to repaint and finish the table! It was originally blue)
I need to paint my new FREE off of craigslist fireplace surround or mantle if you will. It will be white, chippy, lusciousness! I need to get something for the back so you can’t see through to the wall. Maybe some bead board? But that feels so obvious! Anyone have any different ideas? Maybe I will find a free fireplace insert for it =)
P8180358 P8180357
I know it needs to be decorated more. I will finish it after it’s painted!
And clearly I need better toy storage! I have moved a lot of their stuff to the basement, which is their little playroom but our son doesn’t always want to be down there by himself. Where the toys are here I also need to get some bar stools =)
P8180363 P8180364 P8180365 P8180366
I need to paint the white squares and fill in that wall. The people who use to live in the house had their flat screen mounted on the wall, since that is not my style there is a huge white spot where their TV was. I guess they painted around it? I don’t know! So I found out what color it was (yep this is a rental and he doesn’t want us to paint DERN!!!) So I am going to paint the big white squares, but for now I am working on decorating that wall. So far………
I don’t know about the smaller one. It was originally yellow and I feel like the yellow is popping through. I might go back and spray it again. And I am not loving the drop cloth turned linen look in there. So maybe I will go back and put some chalk board paint on the glass… Yeah I think I will do that looking at the picture. Me not likey! The other one has nothing in the middle so next thrift outing it will get filled! Need some plates for the other side of the smaller one!! haha
I needed to paint the drawer I got thrifting. Back here.
P8180339 P8180340 P8180341
(It needs something else, I will look for that next thrifting day too)
I needed to paint the writing table. Here I liked it brown but I LOOVE it the light light light blue/white I got on the OPPS pile for 5 bucks! It’s called Seashell grey by Valspar! I used it to paint this table, the small end table, and a desk and chair I did (more on that later). Now I need a chair for here!
P8180349 P8180350 P8180351
Oh you want to see the amazing vase from Faded Plains? Sure!
P8130291 P8130292
(I know beautiful huh!? I love Andrea’s store!! I picked those purple things from our yard.)

And I through this together the other day when I did the bathroom apothecary jar here. I got the candlestick and vase at Dollar Tree. I got the rocks from Target and the candle from Home Goods! I think I need a few more!

I have so much more to post about but will split it up!
Give me your feedback!!

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  1. lordy, that is A LOT going on, for sure. i'm loving the gray oops paint and that desk. interesting about the fireplace mantle...i was gonna say paint something, but you can't paint. what about putting a mirror down there? with candles in front or something? good luck on all that! yeesh.

  2. You have tons of things going on, as far as projects go! I like your sewing machine drawer filled with pebbles and candles. What do you want to add to it? Visiting from Meg's party.
    :-) Sue

  3. Wow! You DO have a lot to do before Thanksgiving. :) But, I have faith that you will get it all done! (I love the Overstock rug!!!!)

  4. We are so glad you joined us for Anything Related! Come back tomorrow for another great party!

  5. i've seen a lot of people paint (you could fit some hardboard in the spot) the inside of their faux mantels with chalkboard paint. it looks so cute!


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