Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New mantle facelift!

I am working on my new mantle and I haven’t even painted the mantle itself yet! But I am excited so off we go…

The other day I was going to an “antique” yard sale! Ya never really know with these but out I went, it was a yucky day but that would soon work in my favor!

I hurried the kids into clothes and drug them to the car in the pouring rain and raced down the road. Even across a HUGE bridge and I hate bridges! But I felt it in my body this yard sale was right…

I pulled up and all I saw was a “Due to rain everything is free” sign! Antique yard sale is free say what???

Now I don’t know how long the sign had been there, a couple of the things I saw in the tiny pictures that I wanted were gone… or they weren’t what I thought they were! Who knows!

But I did get a couple things:

{Tall skinny milk glass, white pitcher with something on it that will get a nice coat of spray paint, clear candy dish on a stand thing-a-ma-bob, milk glass tall bowl, tall plant holder with something on it also and will get a coat of spray paint. You can check out how Layla did her mantle and found everything and painted it all to look cohesive here}

{Stack 'o teacups, I love teacups and free so these came home with me
Yep I am rhyming!}

{Picture frames with warped, wet pictures and matte inside}

{Those old cloth calendar things, they have pretty pictures and cool old numbers and such so I grabbed them}

So that’s it… Free is good! And a lot of it will look excellent spray painted and up on the mantle! NOW someone send me some motivation to paint and chippy the mantle!!


{While on a mini vacation down to visit my parents and in laws for my daughter’s first birthday we went into the Disabled Veterans Thrift Store which is huge and clean and I found this little basket with handles for 2.00 and I got a new iron for 4.00!

I got a new coffee table pictures to come and I think the basket will look wonderful there… what do yall think about painting it white? Just the black parts? Everything? What are your thoughts!


  1. free! i thought you were going to say due to rain, it is cancelled, not free! i think you know how i feel about free frames...and if you don't, well, i love them and always always yes to frames!

  2. Yikes, "Free" is always nice! OK, about your holiday, you need to make a list and then march through it! You can do it! Just remember to breathe!!! Enjoyed my visit today!

  3. Just the black parts on the basket ! Mask off the rest . I just got a mirror at a thrift store today that I am going to paint the frame on ! :-) Can't wait to get started ! Congrats on the sweet finds !


{I love everything you have to say}