Sunday, August 15, 2010

Silver for free? Um yes please!

Posted on craigslist. Free silver. She said she didn’t know what was in the boxes but knew it was silver and didn’t feel like dealing with it!
Holly to the rescue!!!
I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year and want to be extra special and ya know the drill!
Enter the silver :

P8090250 P8090252
I put my glass there so you can see how gigantic these candlesticks are!!
They come in two pieces and they just load together!

P8090251 P8090253
Look at the detail on the candlesticks!! And the teapots one large, one medium, and the warming base and some other little carrier thing that I don’t know what it is but like it anyways!

P8090254 P8090255
Small teapot

P8090256 P8090257
Big teapot with warming gizmo! And then there is that carrier thing?

P8090258 P8090260
This is what it was wrapped in.. An old sports section from 1990. And I just happen to be a HUGE red sox fan!!! And if anyone follows baseball this is the month and year that the Yankees chanted “1918” to remind the red sox of the Curse of the Bambino! That’s low Yankees.. Loooow! Yes I’m a red sox lover, I was only 5 when this took place! So yep I am saving that too!! =)

I have a desk to show you too but I am staging it right now and needing some more stuff =)
I will be back to that soon!


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  1. WOWZA! I have not done any "freecycling" husband's a little weird about it...but great finds!

  2. Wow Girl! You do so well on CL!!! I have some candlesticks like that and I use ball candles on them. It's a fun way to use them and you don't need to worry about getting all the tapers straight!

  3. nice score. it sounds like it was meant to be!

  4. great score on that silver, LOVIN those mammoth candlesticks.

  5. SCORE! what an amazing find! I love freebies!

  6. oh great score! Your thanksgiving table will look amazing with those!

  7. free silver, free buffets... soo jealous. You got some good deals! I bet you are over the moon about these finds!

    Over here from Coastal Charm, BTW! :-)


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