Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where Do You Blog?

Kate over at Centsational Girl, who just happens to be 1 of my favorite bloggers, is having a pretty cool linky party! “Where Do You Blog?” Which I think is fantastic!!


So here is where I blog :

I have two small toddler babies so I need to be around them all the time!!

P8300490 P8300491
Most of the time I will get them playing in the living room or coloring on the kitchen table which I can see very well from the couch!
So I am here most of the computing time!

P8300492 P8300505

I love being out here! I spend a lot of time making this area great for the kids and making sure the grass is nice and green!

P8300494 P8300498

My grass is doing great, my hydrangeas? not so much! I don’t know if our big dog, Chloe, is trampling on them when she runs the fence? But I am trying to clear out that area and make it more doggy friendly so she is not trampling my plants!

So where do you blog!? Join me over at Centsational Girl!


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  1. Oh! I love your backyard! Mine just has a scary deck and some dead bodies in it. :(


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