Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Always sleep on it….

So yesterday I changed around our living room…. again! I wasn’t thrilled with it but decided to leave it over night and see how I felt in the morning! I woke up this morning and I actually am liking it more! Clearly it’s not as great as I want, but I’m coming to realize my furniture is too big for the space! But I love my furniture and I’m not going to buy anything new just to move out at the end of our lease! So I will arrange our furniture and live with it until then! Here are the pictures… Give me your feedback…

So what do you think???

Where would you put stuff. I have a mirror to go behind the sofa! I just haven’t got it up yet. I had the sofa floating but the sofa is to LONG to go comfortably away from the wall!

I did clean up for the pictures, but with those two munchkins running around it doesn’t take long until everything is everywhere again!

P7210117 P7210118 P7210119

I love how much open space there is now!

P7210120 P7210121

I need stuff on this wall!

P7210122  P7210124 P7210125 P7210126

Table that will be white… very soon!


Ok so this bench….. was in the front, but I am getting a dresser to go upfront and this space looked so naked! So I threw it here! Literally I picked it up and tossed it over! How do you like that for Super Woman! Extra seating and extra storage? Sure I will take it!


Now that I have the space I will be putting the leaf back in our table or asking hubby to move the round table in until I get it painted =) So I can admire it!

P7210129 P7210130 P7210131 P7210132 P7210133

I need to replace that end table beside the sofa… The square one! I like this one but its cheap and not wood…. Maybe I will just paint it white and see how I like it…


Yes I need to paint the table legs and I need a candle in my cylinder but the child steals them!!

P7210135 P7210136 P7210137

Maybe some barstools too! haha I forget all about them!



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