Sunday, September 26, 2010

I love round pedestal coffee tables!!

I love round pedestal coffee tables. I now have two, this one and another one. They are slightly different from each other but I love both of them!

When I got this one it did not look like this, it looked like the top all over! I am mad I can not find a picture of it now though =(

Update: I found a before picture!! YAY

But I love that French and shabby chic look of the dark wood with the white!

So I got a new Purdy paint brush from them to review and well… Never in a million years would I have BOUGHT a $15-$20 paint brush, but now my friends… I would!!
This paint brush ROCKS MY SOCKS!! I used less paint, the paint had less brush strokes in it and the clean up was a breeze! Like for real the paint just fell off of it.
They also sent a roller brush and I can not wait to use it!

I will always love my paint sprayer by Wagner, I use it every single chance I get even if it’s just to spray the air! I love the way it makes me feel like some powerful, tool using woman! {BAhaha} but PURDY brushes are definitely worth the money!
Go check them out Purdy Corp. and my Home Depot sells them!

Moving on…
Well gosh a post just isn’t the same without a before and after!
So here are a few more afters..

P9250036 P9250032


 P9250033  P9250034
{sorry about the neighbors recycling back there! haha}

So there she is all purdy {Get It!? Purdy Paint Brushes}
and ready for someone to buy her!
Yes she is for sale!

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  1. Love the coffee table! If I had space I'd snatch that beauty up in a heartbeat. I used to buy the cheap brushes because I too couldn't stand the thought of paing $13-20 for a brush until I finally broke down one day and purchased a Purdy. I'm the proud owner of 3 {Cub being my absolute fav} and I'll never purchase another kind. EVER. I have a Wagner too and love it too!

  2. Oh that's so beautiful! I am a big fan of lots of after pictures :)

  3. I love this table....gorgeous lines and colors! mmmmm

  4. Beautiful table. Love the brown top and white bottom. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your table looks great. I would spend $16 on a brush, because I paint a lot :).

  6. You are so right...round, pedestal tables are wonderful! I love the way you finished this one. I have several similar tables and love them. Great job! Lisa~

  7. So your sprayer does not use a compressor? I am so confused. Please advise.

  8. Holly, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment! We love our couch so you can't have it ;) but we got it at Raymour and Flanigan. It's part of the Cindy Crawford Metropolis collection.

    These are great before and afters--love the contrast between the white and the dark wood. And it sounds like you have some helpful painting tools to help you out--I've never used a paint sprayer but I can imagine how nice it would be to have one! :)

  9. Great transformation, i love how you paint.. looks wonderful Coffee Tables now...

    Have a nice day....

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