Thursday, September 2, 2010

Miss Mustard Seed

For those of you that have read the passed few days know I drove down to the Luckett’s Fair in Luckett’s VA, right near Leesburg, Va. to shop at Miss Mustard seeds booth!

I had such a great time and the weather was beautiful!!

She has a lot of pictures and videos up of the fair! And I starred in one of her videos! YAY!

I love Marian and her mom, they are amazing people!

You can check out the pictures and video here,here and here!

Here are the lovely things I got from Marian and I could of bought the whole booth but my husband put me on a strict budget and even made me drive the small car so I couldn’t spend too much!


Feed sacks that I have lounging on the mantle right now but want to do some fun pillows with them =)



A large basket! The one I saw at Target that I wanted was $40.00!! This one from Miss Mustard Seed was not $40 bucks!



The new mirror my wonderful husband hung right here. I love how it bounces the window light around!



Up close of it. Gosh sorry about the finger prints! My son must like it too!
It also reflects my picture wall!



See it?


Another view?

Yeah I just wanted to show my bed off more.. Because I love it!
It just needs a headboard. And it is getting ready to come off of those bed risers for some shorter ones. 6 inches is just too high for me!



Yes there it is. The vintage quilt! I love it!

Andrea over at Faded Plains was just talking about how her bed has more “outfits” than she does here! I have to agree!

How about you? Do you love linens more than your own clothes?

And how about those awesome things from Miss Mustard Seed?

I’m off tomorrow to do some more thrifting!
Until then…



  1. Love your mirror and the vintage quilt! Yes, I'm afraid my bed has more outfits than me. I just love vintage linens. Have a great holiday week-end and be safe. Annette

  2. So nice to see another linen addict...your bed looks wonderful dressed in white.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Andrea


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