Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New dining room table!

I have so much going on here and have so much to post about and I just want to keep going! This is such a change, usually I want to post and blog and not do any projects and now I want to do projects instead of blog!
Well I am blogging, it took me an hour to figure out which project I was going to post! So I will post the most recent thing I finished!
Here is the table I got for FREE:
Someone took that beautiful wood top and painted it a hunter green!
P8300512 P8300509
Sorry the pictures suck, it was late and I was super excited!!

Then I started stripping:
P9050032 P9050033
I mean dang… who strips paint in pearls and a skirt!! Really Holly?

P9050034 P9050035 P9050036 P9050037

Now this was NO easy process… I guess hunter green REALLY wanted to stay!!

So I stripped… And stripped…
P9050044 P9050045
This was the first day.. That green is holding tight!
P9060046 P9060047

Looks gross right?? Like mold… YUCK!
P9120213 P9120214 P9120215 P9120216 P9130218 P9130219

So stripping started again!

P9130220 P9130221 P9130222 P9130223
Excuse the baby boy crying, he lost his bug It was his “best friend”
And with my husbands amazing muscles, we got this:
P9130224 P9130225 P9130226 P9130227
Still a tiny bit of green, it actually looks a lot darker here, but in real life it wasn’t this dark!
And now :
P9140035 P9140036 P9140037
It was still drying here but I was anxious!



So what do yall think!?!?

And a little treat on the side…

So cute right? The eat sign is from an antique shop that I NOW love! And the *H* Apron is from Tuesday Mornings! =)

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  1. Gorgeous Holly! That came out great!!! All that hard work really paid off!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you re-did it! That takes patients that is for sure. I looks wonderful! Great job, oh and I love the apron and the holder.

  3. ack! stripping! that looks amazing, i can't believe you did that. much better now. go you!

  4. Lovely! I'm working on my 3rd and 4th tables right now, so I know how much work it is. Yours looks wonderful!

  5. Hi, I just found your blog today.

    I LOVE that table!!! Man, wish I could do something like that. You are so talented!

    Love the pretty colors on your background too...


  6. Hi Holly! Thanks for stopping over to visit my blog! I bet we were at the same covered bridge you were referring to! ;) Your table turned out great!

  7. Imagine me singing "awe-sooome!" I love it! What a lot of hard work can accomplish is simply amazing. Great job!

  8. Great transformation. It looks so much better now.


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