Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey Canon Rebel t2i!


Canon_EOS_Rebel_T2i_01So I have been wanting the Canon Rebel for a few weeks now. And well my amazing husband finally came home two days ago with a HUGE bag from Best Buy and the beautiful Canon Rebel t2i was in it.

He got the camera and the 18-55mm lens, which normally comes with it and he got the 55-250mm lens also! Wow what a guy I got!

Now I know nothing about cameras! I am not a professional nor do I want to be. And I don’t agree with people when they say it takes skill to take a good picture, because this camera does it all for me! I mean of course you can take it off of manual and make the picture look crisper or brighter but I just take the picture! I will play around with the numbers and settings, but I really have no idea what I am doing! haha


So here are some of the pictures I took. Straight out of the box, with the camera on manual, at about 4:00pm yesterday inside of our house!





So what do you think!? Running to the camera store!? I love that I can go to my camera and let it take amazing pictures for me OR I can adjust the settings and numbers some and it can take extraordinary pictures!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rugs are driving me batty!! (Get it Halloween, batty)

Well I have been getting the house ready for Thanksgiving for awhile. And my best friend is coming into town on Halloween so I am running wild getting it ready for her too. Everything is done except for the dang rug!

Here is my new slipcovered couch:
{This photo was taken from my phone so sorry!}

This is the new pillow going on it:
{These pillows are from my new favorite etsy shop for pillows}


So my question… I wanted a white rug but for winter I thought maybe a dark grey and it would match the pillow. But is that too matchy matchy?

{From Ikea $29.99-$39.99}

{Same rug but in white on backorder for at least 2 weeks}

Should I add in a white pillow? A white throw? A grey throw?

Help I am lost!

And the pillow I bought has blue in it so I could do a light blue in there to add some color!

{Like this light blue throw from PB}

Thanks my loves!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Four legged beauties!

Hello Ladies (and gentlemen if there’s any!)

I have been pretty spotty with my posting. I have been out of town enjoying my mom’s wedding! My mom has found an amazing man who makes her glow with happiness and she tied the knot October 16th! I am so proud of her!

While I am here I haven’t been doing much of anything!

I have gone to Goodwill twice and have scored small things, but before I left home I found a couple things I want to share with you all!

First being this chair. Now a little story behind it! I watched this chair go from $275.00 down to $100.00 on craigslist. I asked the owner if she would take $50.00 and she said yes! SCORE! So I asked my hubs to go pick it up for me but told him if it is a shorty chair don’t take it! I guess I could of asked the seller, but I really didn’t even think about it!
Well…. he got it anyways and it is a shorty chair!

So I am going to recover it and either A. Sell it! or B. Keep it for our daughter Audrey!
Soo looks like an Audrey chair right!?

Sorry I was so ready to rip her clothes off I forgot to take pictures!
So underneath the first layer was a beautiful pink velvet!! I loved it, but then there was none on the bottom of the chair, so I am going to try and find some like it or just match it and keep the pink velvet.

Here is what the fabric looked like when I bought it. Not horrible but this is not my thing.

And now this lovely chair. I have been searching for one just like it for MONTHS! I found one for $60 and was being a brat and not wanting to pay over $50, and it sold.. DARN!

So I kept waiting, and then she showed up.


I love it a whole bunch. Now I just have to figure out how to keep that cushion part separate from the chair. I guess I have to buy a sewing machine and learn how to sew!

Any takers.. want to teach me?!

I am a happy camper with these two chairs by my side!


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Monday, October 11, 2010

Cleaning your sink

I don’t know about you but I hate a dirty, smelly sink! We have a chrome sink and it gets grimy! I was always scrubbing and scrubbing with dish soap and it never really got that deep brown grossness…
So I am going to be brave and show you some pictures of our sink!
Can you see the brown at the bottom? And the white on the sides?

Here is the other side with the food chopper upper!

P9130245 P9130246
And then the grime in the ring around the drain…
So for this you will need things you probably already have around your house.

PA110034 PA110033 PA110032

You will scrub with the baking soda. I just used my fingers and it works just like a scrubbing pad but it’s baking soda! You will see the grime just come right off.

Next I poured a little vinegar around the sink and down the drain. Any vinegar will do, this is just what I had!

And the lemon is just for a little extra and the smell! I cut it in half and squeezed it around the sink and down the drain and let the warm water rinse it all down!

I also cut small slivers of lemon skin off and put it down the drain where the chopper upper is and grinded them up.
To freshen things up.

Can you tell which side is clean?

If you guessed the left, you are right!

P9130243 P9130244
All clean!

So what do you think? You going to do yours now too?

Show me what you did!

Also on a side note, I have been missing! My mom is getting married on Saturday, and we bought a new van, and I am working tirelessly on my garage it is so full I can’t even walk in there!

Would yall like to see the new van? Let me know and I will do a post on it!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Little gizmo’s around the house

I am painting a lot of furniture right now but none of it is quite ready. The weather here has been dreary and rainy and gloomy! Ugh, this kind of weather is not good for a gal and her motivation level! I mean really, I want to snuggle in bed with a good movie and a glass of wine!

So I painted a lot today, it was cold and I hate the cold…
Got a lot done but not finished!

So I have been collecting things for around the house that my husband does not have to haul in himself! That way he doesn’t even notice them and doesn’t know that I have spent money! Wahoo!
So I will show you my new gizmos! (I just love that word, say it, its fun!)


Did I show yall this already? I am not sure.. So there is the letter R that I did! You know the drill. Letter from Michael’s, scrap paper, modge podge!
And the cool little frame is from Luckett’s Store in Leesburg, VA when I went to see Miss Mustard Seed at the Luckett’s fair.

I need to add something to the bottom but I have to find it first. Any ideas?


I got this little… I don’t even know what to call this? A hanging bucket? Anywho I need to get something to put in it but I like it! I got it at a little antique shop around my house. I was thinking some twigs for Fall/Halloween. =)

Basket from.. goodwill possibly. The basket holds extra trash bags! And a vase with an awesome body I got from a free yard sale. It started out completely different…
See it there on the end? Far right side.. Yucky yellow and grungy looking?

Nothing is safe from spray paint I tell ya! And you can see the pitcher next to it? Second thing in the picture above… That got a nice coat of paint too!


That is now here. Yes she is lonely but these things take time and skill.. No I’m kidding I just haven’t been back to goodwill to find her a mate or two!

I mean, I had to have the jar! We love jars around here!!
I got it from Marshall’s for like 8 bucks!
I think it looks great next to the chrome and black coffee maker!

I should of got an up close and personal picture of this. I really love it actually. I am not sure if it is going to stay there because it is so pretty to have way up high on the top of the cabinets.. I got it at an antique shop!
The detail on the rim is really pretty!

Yikes ignore the sticker price tag still on the bottom! UGH!
But I got my little trio on, I need to get some more rocks, but like I said rain and dreary here! And again, you know the drill with making these right? Easy peasy dollar store vase with a dollar store candle stick holder and some glue!

This plate holder was in the “Take to goodwill” pile and I took it back! Wow I am such an Indian giver!!
But I have been collecting white plates, they are all similar but all different! I love them and there are more than 3 there just had to double up! But I might start hanging some (haha I accidently wrote someONE) on the wall WHEW!

I love these gizmos! They came from an antique shop too! This is the other side of the dining room.. Fitting right!?

Well I wanted Miss Mustard Seed’s white ironstone pitcher but I was too late and a couple weeks ago I was walking through target and spotted this! Hey I love that! Look at price $13.99 HEY I can afford that!!
White Target Pitcher <—There it is!

Yes I got my catalog from Pottery Barn and had to copy them on this one too!
So off to Michael’s with my coupon to find the spookiest looking apothecary jar, some huge rocks, and I had the chalkboard spray paint already! And here is my version of PB’s. The jar has a little foot at the bottom, yes that is hard to see.. My photography skills are not great! Sorry!

Copper keys meet pretty glass stand =) Again photography skills… I need help!

I love this sign.. Found at the same antique shop that I got the cast iron fork and spoon above. Williamsburg Antique Mall it is a good time!

The white milk glass was in the collection of free yard sale things a couple pictures up! I had a knife block, but it was so masculine! And now all the knives are in a drawer and this pretty feminine milk glass with pretty cooking utensils is in its place! My poor husband =) He is such a trooper.
Cork board to hold my recipes or pictures of the kids when I get them developed and cute little thumb tack things!

I actually just got the corkboard because I wanted to use those pretty ball thumbtacks! Wow did I just admit that!? I’m a loser!

And that drawer I found a while back, painted light blue, just sitting there.. Candles are expensive!!

As I was trying to paint today my kids were driving me bananas.
So all my creative, painting juices were flowing but I couldn’t continue because they needed my attention!
So this sign was born…
It isn’t the greatest, but it was my first attempt at stenciling and white washing and using stain to add age!
The Rhodes’

PA040050 PA040049
I wonder how I can make the letters stand out more? Suggestions? It isn’t THAT light in real life, but it could stand to pop a bit more..

That is all folks! I hope you enjoyed my new gizmos around the house! One more step to making our house a home!

What good gizmos have you found lately?!

Now on to enjoy one of these:


Until I start seeing things like this:

I’m kidding.. kind of!

And a little sneak peak?



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