Monday, October 18, 2010

Four legged beauties!

Hello Ladies (and gentlemen if there’s any!)

I have been pretty spotty with my posting. I have been out of town enjoying my mom’s wedding! My mom has found an amazing man who makes her glow with happiness and she tied the knot October 16th! I am so proud of her!

While I am here I haven’t been doing much of anything!

I have gone to Goodwill twice and have scored small things, but before I left home I found a couple things I want to share with you all!

First being this chair. Now a little story behind it! I watched this chair go from $275.00 down to $100.00 on craigslist. I asked the owner if she would take $50.00 and she said yes! SCORE! So I asked my hubs to go pick it up for me but told him if it is a shorty chair don’t take it! I guess I could of asked the seller, but I really didn’t even think about it!
Well…. he got it anyways and it is a shorty chair!

So I am going to recover it and either A. Sell it! or B. Keep it for our daughter Audrey!
Soo looks like an Audrey chair right!?

Sorry I was so ready to rip her clothes off I forgot to take pictures!
So underneath the first layer was a beautiful pink velvet!! I loved it, but then there was none on the bottom of the chair, so I am going to try and find some like it or just match it and keep the pink velvet.

Here is what the fabric looked like when I bought it. Not horrible but this is not my thing.

And now this lovely chair. I have been searching for one just like it for MONTHS! I found one for $60 and was being a brat and not wanting to pay over $50, and it sold.. DARN!

So I kept waiting, and then she showed up.


I love it a whole bunch. Now I just have to figure out how to keep that cushion part separate from the chair. I guess I have to buy a sewing machine and learn how to sew!

Any takers.. want to teach me?!

I am a happy camper with these two chairs by my side!


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