Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey Canon Rebel t2i!


Canon_EOS_Rebel_T2i_01So I have been wanting the Canon Rebel for a few weeks now. And well my amazing husband finally came home two days ago with a HUGE bag from Best Buy and the beautiful Canon Rebel t2i was in it.

He got the camera and the 18-55mm lens, which normally comes with it and he got the 55-250mm lens also! Wow what a guy I got!

Now I know nothing about cameras! I am not a professional nor do I want to be. And I don’t agree with people when they say it takes skill to take a good picture, because this camera does it all for me! I mean of course you can take it off of manual and make the picture look crisper or brighter but I just take the picture! I will play around with the numbers and settings, but I really have no idea what I am doing! haha


So here are some of the pictures I took. Straight out of the box, with the camera on manual, at about 4:00pm yesterday inside of our house!





So what do you think!? Running to the camera store!? I love that I can go to my camera and let it take amazing pictures for me OR I can adjust the settings and numbers some and it can take extraordinary pictures!!


  1. Hi Holly. I have something for you on my blog . Please contact me when you get a chance. Thanks! Stephanie Lynn

  2. The pics are great! I am in need of a new camera....might get the same one! I am not a photographer at all, but I do like nice pictures of my family. Cheers! R

  3. Put that Rebel on "auto" and let her'll be amazed!!! You can shoot on auto till you get the bug to learn more...or be like me and shoot on auto 90 percent of the time!!!

  4. omg. you officially have the camera of my dreams. is that weird to say?

    do you love it?


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