Friday, October 1, 2010

I told ya..

I like round, pedestal coffee tables and this time I have a before and after!
I bought this table off of craigslist after looking for a long time, MONTHS for one!

You just don’t see a lot of round pedestal coffee tables.

The one I found, that I loved, was from Layla Grayce.

And it was… expensive, to say the least.

Here is theirs.
So pretty right? Detail on the side, the slight distressing, the light blue bottom with a white top! Yeah… I loved it! But couldn’t afford it.

So I searched…and searched…and searched!

Until I found this.

I mean this table was dead on!

And I turned it into this.

Same picture from above but I was playing with Picnik color fun!
If you haven’t played with picnik yet you should try it! I am sure it doesn’t do everything photo shop does but for those po’ folks like me it works great…
and its FREE!

Another fun picture with picnik

Ok I’m done now haha.. and moving on..
The last picture is when it needed one more coat of white, but I wanted you to see that groove.. I am thinking about putting nail head trim in it and painting them the color of the base to give it that little extra detail like Layla Grayce’s table!

And this one is staying in my house! I love it!

I paid $60.00 for the table, I had the blue can of paint from the OPPS section already but paid $5.00 for it and the white.. hmm I think I had that left over from another project too, possibly Behr Ultra in Pure White! Which is $15.00 for the small thing.

So if I just added that all together it would be $80.00, compared to Layla Grayce which is $1,092.00 plus $200.00 in shipping…
Yeah that’s a no brainer.. Over a $1,200.00 savings!!

Only thing.. I wish I had my new PURDY PAINT BRUSH for this table.. ahh the amount of paint I could of saved.. I love Purdy Paint Brushes!!

My husband loves me right about now =)


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  1. This is BEAUTIFUL!!

    Awesome job refinishing it. It's so pretty!!

  2. Love it! Ithink the nailhead trim would be the perfect finishing touch!

  3. yay!im glad to see you finally found one and it looks wonderful. i for sure think you should go with some nail head in the groove. be sure to show a pic if you do = )

  4. So I have one of these table and for the last year or so, I've wondered if I should paint!! I am still wondering but will take the leap soon, I hope, lol. Your table turned out fabulous!


  5. Love the new look, I'm not a fan of oak either, and just recently painted an oak bookshelf we had...way better now =). Just stopping by from this weeks Under the table and dreaming link party. Great job on your table.

  6. That table looks a-mazing. I love the details on it, the round top and the beautiful legs. You are much more patient than I! Great job with it!

  7. Wow what a steal! Your table looks awesome, if you add nailhead trim, I hope you post it! Lucky girl!!

    xo Linda

  8. Great deal!

  9. Nice find! It looks a $1,200 table!!! I've been painting lots of furniture can be tedious, but well worth the reward at the end :)

  10. holy moly, that's awesome! i would never think to do two tone like that, but i love it! it looks awesome, and so does your dresser you painted with your snazzy new sprayer!

  11. i visit craigslist all the freakin time and hardly ever find anything LOL - i think a group of bloggers secretly sneak out in the middle of the night and buy all the good stuff up! :) It looks great :)


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