Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rugs are driving me batty!! (Get it Halloween, batty)

Well I have been getting the house ready for Thanksgiving for awhile. And my best friend is coming into town on Halloween so I am running wild getting it ready for her too. Everything is done except for the dang rug!

Here is my new slipcovered couch:
{This photo was taken from my phone so sorry!}

This is the new pillow going on it:
{These pillows are from my new favorite etsy shop for pillows}


So my question… I wanted a white rug but for winter I thought maybe a dark grey and it would match the pillow. But is that too matchy matchy?

{From Ikea $29.99-$39.99}

{Same rug but in white on backorder for at least 2 weeks}

Should I add in a white pillow? A white throw? A grey throw?

Help I am lost!

And the pillow I bought has blue in it so I could do a light blue in there to add some color!

{Like this light blue throw from PB}

Thanks my loves!



  1. aww bestie i cant wait! i bet the house is beautiful as usual! love youu! :)

  2. I love the in right now and nice contrast to the beautiful slipcover.

  3. I like the grey too! I can see a white rug always looking dirty. Love the slipcover and pillows!

  4. love that post title, girl! i think the grey rug wouldn't be too matchy matchy, you have lighter walls, and a white couch (which looks great!) you could totally do gray, blue, and white. i like that color combo. white, blue, and white would probably be more springy/summery. plus instant gratification with the darker rug, since it's in, right?

  5. I agree with everyone else, grey is the way to go! It would make good contrast and depth for your room. Grey is easy to pair with other colors too if you change it up. Blue as an accent color is up trending now too! Have a fun Halloween!


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