Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wagner Power Sprayer Plus

A few weeks ago I received a power sprayer from Wagner. I touched on how amazing it was a small amount, but I want to do a whole post on how much I love this sprayer.

So it arrived in the mail and I was extremely excited!

Wagner sent me the Power Painter Plus which is the middle of their 3 power painters with optimus.

This painter has the adjustable part in the front so you can get a vertical spray or a horizontal spray, which is a great feature!

It comes out of the box ready to use and I used it right away.


I started spraying the first day and it did take some getting use to. You have to get the motion of your arm and hand just right or the sprayer isn’t happy! But it’s not a difficult task. Almost like a lock and load position, keep your arm close to your body and let your arm be one with the sprayer.

Keep it close, keep it level. To get a nice even coat you don’t use your wrist you move your whole arm back and forth with the sprayer.

I will tell you one thing, I wish the sprayer had a built in level bubble! You know because you bend too much forward and the sprayer isn’t happy or you are a little off center and you get too much on one area! So a level bubble would be perfect just so you can gauge how level you are.

I know a lot of other bloggers out there use a different system but a lot of people can not afford these types of sprayers. So Wagner is a very nice value for the money. This sprayer at my Home Depot runs about $90.00.
My overall opinion for this sprayer was definitely amazing and worth the money. I finished the dresser I did in about 20 minutes.


With no brush strokes and no running back to Home Depot to get “one more can of spray paint”. I love using this sprayer!

I use mostly latex paints and I did not need to thin out the paint at all and the sprayer handled the paint just fine! The cleanup is tedious but you for sure want to get all those nooks and crannies clean! If you can follow directions you can handle the clean up!

So a recap:

Wagner Power Sprayer Plus - $90.00 retail.
No buying cans of spray paint for a big job.
No brush strokes.
Quickly finish a job.
I didn’t have to thin my paint.
Clean up is tedious but doable.

All in all I’d buy this again!
On another note I have not used it for primer. So I can not specifically talk about the sprayer using primer. I would imagine that the sprayer would have no problems with primer though.

So way to go Wagner for a nice, quality sprayer for a decent, non breaking the bank price! You have my vote!

Wagner USA

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  1. thanks for the info! I am in the market for a sprayer....thinking I might try this one.


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