Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blog 2 Print

Stephanie Lynn from Under the Table and Dreaming hosted a giveaway the other day from Blog 2 Print. Well I won the giveaway! You can see the giveaway here. And Stephanie Lynn has a great blog so you will enjoy her!

So I was nervous about ordering it because it was free I wanted to make it right. So I played with it quite a lot. The website is set up really easy which made it great!

I wanted to show yall the book I got yesterday:


The front is so pretty! Nice and gray with swirls. Yum! And you can add your title and on the side I added By Holly Rhodes with a picture I took!


A dedication to the best bloggers I know! Love yall.

You can set each page as a new blog post or you can have them just run through as they end the next one begins right away. This saves pages and well when you are paying by the page less is good!

You can have them add the comments or not.



The back has the same great background and a beautiful picture, also a picture I took! Almost like an end of the road kind of thing. And the words I added “Enjoy The Ride”.

I love it!

Stephanie Lynn thanks for hosting a great giveaway and Blog2Print thanks for making a site so easy and a blog book so beautiful! I will cherish it forever! It makes a great coffee table book.


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  1. seriously. that's amazing! what a great win and beautiful keepsake!



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