Friday, November 26, 2010

An Easy Thanksgiving Table

That could also be a Christmas table.

I thought long and hard about my centerpiece for Thanksgiving. I really wanted it to be pretty big but not tall so we couldn’t talk back and forth. While browsing some Thanksgiving tables I ran across this picture:


Do you see the metal block they have going down the middle of the table? Well I loved it. I didn’t want metal but wood would be perfect.

I went to Home Depot and bought a 4x6 for $15 dollars. I got the most beat up one I could find!


I put one coat of stain on it and you could see all the imperfections, which is exactly what I wanted.


So it stands out from the table a bit but it also looks a part of the table!

After that I just added things I had around the house. Candlesticks with tapers and red beads that tied into the plates.


The beads I’ve had for years. The glass candlesticks and tapers were $1.00 for the Dollar Tree. The small candles with the glass holders were also $1.00 from the Dollar Tree. Last the silver candlesticks were $2.00 each from Goodwill.

So about $12.00 for the centerpiece, although I had them around the house already!

Don’t you just love how things come together!



{This picture I used the “sharpen” affect on Windows Live Writer}

The place setting I did go out and buy specially for Thanksgiving.

The bells, the napkins and the red plates I got all from Pier 1. I had a $10.00 off coupon so I paid just under $25.00 for everything! And I like that the bells I can use as ornaments on the tree and the plates I can use for Christmas and Valentine’s Day too! {Thank you for pointing that out Pier 1 Lady!}

The knives we’ve had. The silver plated forks I got 5 for $16.00 from my favorite antique shop Luckett’s Store.

And then the chair wreaths tied it all together!





{My beautiful mama lighting the candles}

Just an F.Y.I my mama had been in a not so great relationship for 20+ years and two summers made the decision to leave that relationship behind. She met a wonderful man and this passed summer, married him. I really have never seen my mom with that twinkle in her eye and I can’t get enough of her now. I love that she is in love and happy!
I love you Mama!

We also had another smaller table and smaller centerpiece.


The cookie plate I believe was from Target last year. The pillar candles from Hobby Lobby. The silver candlestick is my favorite and it is from Michael’s. The potted grass also one of my favorites from Crate & Barrel.

Here are the tables together! My mama again and my lovely daughter Audrey!

And last but certainly not least, my amazing husband Andy! He grilled our turkey on the grill and it was fantastic!!
If you would like to learn how to grill a turkey on the grill, let me know and I will get him to explain!


I wish I took a picture of my plate but it was gone before I blinked!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



  1. What a great idea! I love how it gave the table another depth. I have never had grilled turkey before, I bet it was good. Yahoo for your mom! You only live once, so why not live it happy? Good for her for taking the big jump into marriage after the long relationship she was in.

  2. bestie looks like ya had a wonderful thanksgiving! soo happy! your center piece is tooo kute, ahh loves itt! soo im hopein to come up soon! :)


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