Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hanging Balls

Just so everyone knows when I say “I” anywhere in this post regarding the balls I mean my wonderful husband who did them for me one morning, when I was out shopping for Thanksgiving.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for hanging my beautiful balls.

new 111

I took ribbon and I took ball ornaments in all the pretty colors. I hung them from the little wooden valance over the biggest window in our house.

There is not much more to it so some pictures:





haha I love them!

A little pop of color by the window. And they look cool when the sun shines in.

I am slowly decorating the whole house, but it seems the last move we left a lot of our Christmas stuff. So now I need to go buy new stuff. Bummer! =)



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  1. love the colors!

    and the pictures are amazing. you are making me want that camera more and more! killing me!


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