Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holiday Season

Is everyone getting in the holiday spirit?! I am seeing Christmas trees in stores and all the holiday décor coming out. It gets me all giddy inside! I am doing a Candy Land type of theme this year for Christmas! I saw pink L.E.D lights at Target yesterday and I want them real bad. For those of you who aren’t quite in the spirit I thought a good way to get yall going is with a giveaway! Is your husband carrying around an old, raggedy briefcase he’s had since college? Does he need a new one? Because CSN Stores have a huge selection of great quality briefcases that will make your husband smile.
You can check them out here.

Everyone would look at your husband with envy watching him walk into the office with this handsome briefcase.

Mind Your Own Business - 5 ½- Double Gusset Dowel Rod Portfolio-Laptop Case
{Which comes in this tan and a darker brown.}

Or maybe your husband is a traveler and he needs something on wheels.

Side Loader Black Mobile Office Wheeled Suitcase
{His very own mobile office.}

I am loving Paula Deen’s cookware! Have you seen the “Oatmeal” set?!


I think I would cook every. single. night with those lovely things.

So lets all get in the Holiday spirit and visit CSN Stores and start shopping!

Things you should do to win your $35.00 gift card to CSN Stores :

1. Go to CSN Stores  and leave a comment on this post telling me what your heart is swooning after.
2. Are you a follower of Roller Coaster Life? Leave a comment and let me know.

And you can do those two things by November 11th at 5pm Eastern!

Easy Peasy!

njoy and Good Luck!!



  1. First comment?! Woo hoo! Although...#1 never seems to win. Oh well. I'm loving the leaner mirrors these days. But there is so much wonderful stuff @ CSN that it'd be hard to choose!

  2. It's hard to choose just one but....I really, really need flannel sheets right now! It's so cold at night now!

  3. I need a storage unit for all the homeschool materials I have been accumulating. There was a very nice one there at CSN Store. But I agree they have a lot of nice things! :)

  4. Wow - I popped over here to say thanks for entering my giveaway, and now I am entering yours! Woohoo :)

    Oh man, CSN is amazing. There are quite a few things I want, I mean, NEED :)
    #1 - they've got this tulle curtain panel that is so sweet for my daughters room
    #2 - Ive been DYING for a new mixer - maybe the cuisinart one?
    #3 - they have the doorknobs that we are putting in our new house - I DO need 2 more.....

    Thanks for this generous giveaway!!


  5. Of course I am a shiny brand new follower ;)

  6. I just discovered your blog and it is really fun. I'm kind of digging on the kitchen items at CSN. I need a new slow cooker, but a panini maker sounds neat.

  7. I'd get some of the Kinetics glass storageware!

  8. just found your blog and loving it. I'd love to win!

  9. Came over to look for your round table and I see you are having a giveaway. How fun! I'd love a new rug from CSN or a paint sprayer would be nice :)


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