Saturday, November 6, 2010

I took this!!

For those of you who didn’t know I got a new camera!

I am completely in LOVE with this camera!

Look I took this picture! :

HAHA Is it good?! Or is it just me!? I am so excited!!

Look this one too :

I don’t want to bore you but I am proud =)

Oh yeah if you haven’t noticed I am doing a giveaway so you should comment away and WIN!
Giveaway and WIN!


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  1. Im soo jealous of your camera.. These pics are greeatt

  2. You should be proud. These are great pictures. I wish I had an 'eye' for taking photos and the skill to know the perfect way to photoshop them but I don't. I am crafty but the skill of photography eludes me. I will celebrate your skill. So fun!

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  3. Oh, you are so lucky! I want a better camera but can't get myself to spend the money yet. It definitely makes a huge difference in the way the photos look! Have fun playing with your new toy!!

  4. Hi there Holly!
    So glad to "meet" you....hehehe
    Good luck on my giveaway - its so exciting to host one, huh?!
    Looks like you are having fun with your new camera too....I am so jealous :)


    ps - I have a Cameron too! He just turned 14 - yikes!!

  5. I can relate to being bit by the photo bug Holly. I can't stop myself, too. Your pics are wonderful.


  6. Hello Holly,
    How are you?
    I just wanted to thank you for entering my giveaway...
    Your number was picked using
    Can you please email me your address, and I will give it to Amber so she can get in touch with you.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Take Care,

  7. You lucky that a big girls camera...I so want one. Your photos look amazing.

  8. The first photo is very beautiful. Very nice indeed.

  9. Fabulous photos! What kind of camera did you get?

  10. Your photos are great! What camera did you get? I'm on the search for a new one too.

  11. Your new pictures look amazing! I am so happy for you and your new camera. If you didn't get a tripod with it, spend a little bit more and get a tripod. If you turn off your flash and use the tripod inside when the lighting is bad, your pictures will still look great. :)

    I loved spending time with you today.


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