Monday, November 29, 2010

Do You Want to Own a Meth Lab?

With a title like that how could you not read?

Could you imagine being young and buying your very first house and then having it all taken away from you?
Could you imagine the government that is suppose to protect you letting you spend money on a house that is polluted with a harmful drug that could hurt you?
Well, Jenn and Rob know all too much how that feels.


They are a young couple who bought their first house, only to find out it was a meth house.
Yep that’s right someone use to cook meth in their house they just bought.

Jenn and Rob had no idea that this could even be an issue when buying a house. They got the all clear from the inspector and the state that the house was livable.

Now they have to pay $25,000.00 just to get the house CLEANED. So they can live there without headaches.

They have a wonderful blog explaining how to identify a house that has been used as a meth lab. So someone else does not end up in this hell on Earth situation
Our Meth House
On their blog they also have where you can donate to help them raise the money so they can live in their house. Isn’t that so sad? They spend all this money on a house only to have to start raising money to clean it.

CNN also did an article about them and it really goes through everything they have been through.

CNN also did a interview with them which you can see here.
In the video they say “I’m Jenn and I own a meth lab” and that gives me the chills.

If you have a spare dollar laying around, please help these wonderful people.
I know it’s the holidays and with the economy the way it is sometimes a dollar is a lot, so if you don’t have anything to donate please pass their story along.

With the huge community of D.I.Y, design, thrifty blogs behind them I know we can get them their dream home again!

I am going to put a donation button here on the blog post and on the front of my blog. You could write a post or point people in the direction of my blog or to their blog Our Meth House, their Facebook Our Meth House on Facebook.

I can’t imagine what they are going through. Thank you for your love and support.


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  1. Wow.... This breaks my heart! Heading over to make a donation now and linking back to your post on my blog!

  2. Horrible story. I just saw on TV a couple of weeks ago about two couples who bought serial killres was aware and had no problem, the other was NOT, and the killer had you know what in their current was so disheatning as this story as well. People should be made aware, and given a choice.


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