Monday, November 1, 2010

Mom Life Crisis

So instead of a middle life crisis I had a mom life crisis! It is getting cold and I am going in hibernation mode. I have a garage full of stuff but no motivation to go out and do anything. I am hoping my mojo picks up after Thanksgiving! Since the house is ready for Thanksgiving and that was my biggest hurdle.

Anyone know if 5 hour energy works!? haha

Ok back to my MOM life crisis:


Can you see it?!

Yup.. I got my nose pierced!

I have been wanting to do it for YEARS! At least since high school. Then I was a flight attendant and couldn’t have it then met my husband and had kids. Funny how time slips away.. So finally a couple of months ago I thought to myself “I’m going to get my nose pierced” So I did!

My best friend was in town the passed few days so I went with her while my amazing husband watched our babies.

This is me and my bestie Becky on the way to put a hole in my nose.

I will be back to a regular scheduled blog soon!!

Love you all.



  1. yay! <3 youu! where is my documentry

  2. Good for you!! I went through one of those too! I would love to get a nose piercing, but 1.) I hate my nose and don't want to draw more attention to it and 2.) my ears took three times to not get infected before I could keep earrings in them, so not sure the nose would be a great idea! Instead, I bought myself a pair of messy messy, but I love them anyway. Thinking of getting a mom-daughter tattoo though (she is almost 21.)

  3. I didn't realize you lived in Pasadena, MD!! I grew up in Cape St. Claire, Annapolis!! Small world! I have some friends who live in Pasadena :)


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