Sunday, November 28, 2010

My life

I’m going to involve you in a big life decision. I don’t know how to decide. I have asked people close to me but they know me and I feel like they are telling me what I want to hear.

So my life has been a roller coaster since I met my husband. {Hence the blog name} And not always a bad roller coaster. Most times exciting! We had baby #1 and moved to Pittsburgh so he could go to school. Finished school and moved back home to Richmond, VA in hopes that’s where the government would put him. Had baby #2 and then we moved to Portland, ME. Turns out the government had other plans for him on where they wanted him to work. Six months in Portland and I couldn’t stand the cold so we got transferred down to Baltimore, because it was the closest airport to Richmond. I have been dying to get down to Richmond ever since we left. I miss my parents and my friends. I love my home but have no one to share it with besides my husband and kids. I wanted to move to Richmond and have lots of get togethers and get the whole family together for Christmas next year. Halloween parties, cookouts, you know the whole family and friends thing. Moving to Richmond would make my husband work out of town, at Dulles International. He would be gone 4 days out of the week. He could work at the Richmond airport but it is very slow and he would be very bored. Working at Dulles would bring in lots of money. LOTS! Which is always nice.

Ok enter the dilemma…

There is an offer out to move to Atlanta, GA. Atlanta would also pay a lot of money. My husband would get to come home every night but I wouldn’t be around my friends and family. Here is the big kicker, if we move to Atlanta they would give us a $27,000.00 moving bonus. Ahh! We could pay down some bills and buy a new car for my husband.
The cost of living down there is extremely good. Cost of living is good in Richmond too but the amount of house you get in Atlanta is….. a huge difference!



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So there you have it. The pictures on the left are the house near Atlanta and the pictures on the right are a house in Richmond. Both the same price. The house in Atlanta has two fireplaces too =)

But I would have this nice big house and my family wouldn’t even be able to see it.

But the bonus.
But my family.
But paying down bills.
But my friends.
Being home with my husband.
Living near my mom.
Making new friends? If that is a possibility.
Raising my kids around their grandma and grandpa.

Also the city we would live in, in Georgia, Peachtree City is SO cute! I mean they drive their golf carts around town.

This is the golf cart bridge.

This is a golf cart path.

But do any of those things matter?

Without my mom?

My friends are grew up with?

So what would you do?

Would you take the leap and grab that $27,000.00 a pay down debt and buy a new car and live in Peachtree City and then eventually get back to Richmond. Or would you say screw the money and move home?

What do I do?!

If you want to see more beautiful houses in Peachtree City go here and here!
Ahh amazing!


  1. I say go to Atlanta! The weather is great and the cost of living is great too. Your family can come and visit you. Believe me, they will want to, especially in the winter :) You are young enough to make new friends. Once your children are old enough to attend pre-school or get involved in sports or other activities, you will definitely make friends with the other mothers. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to have other young families in your new development to make friends with. In the long run I do not think you will be happy having your husband away four nights at a time. I remember what it was like when my children were young; some evenings I could not wait for my husband to get home to give me just a small break! Good luck with your decision ~ Karen

  2. DO IT! I moved to NC 6.5 years ago leaving the majority of my family in Texas. It's hard to be away from them but I love my life here in NC. It's where I met my husband, had my first child and where home is now. I have amazing friends here and even some I consider family. My family comes to visti every year and we go back to Texas every January for the month. It's a huge move but I think it's the right thing for your family. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

  3. hi! i happen to have found your blog via googling - but just thought i would tell you that i live in peachtree city (hence my blog name!) and it really is a great town. coincidentally enough, i was born in richmond! i have lived down south most of my life, but we often visited family in richmond so i know what a great city it is!
    just wanted to put my two cents in that ptc really is a nice, quiet, safe place to live (if not a little small!). we don't have kids, but i've always thought it would be a nice place to raise children - good schools, etc.
    good luck with your decision. i know how hard it is to be away from your family (mine are in tn and that's far for me!) if you happen to have any questions in particular about peachtree city, i'd be happy to answer! (it's not often you find people talking about our small town!)

  4. You know, it's a great opportunity and doors are opened for a reason. There may something really awesome for you in Peachtree City but you'll never know unless you go! When it's time to go home then that door will open up so wide that you won't even have to question. It will just happen! Good luck with your decision.

  5. Oh my, what a hard decision!! I am only an hour away from my family, but sometimes it feels like it might as well be 10! I have three other siblings and they either still live with my parents or right around the corner. I miss all the get together to watch survivor or DWTS and eat pizza nights, etc. My friends are all there too and I miss a lot of their spur of the moment get togethers. As hard as it would be, I think I would decide to go to Georgia because it would be good for my family and I know I can always return. Take all of the good stuff that Georgia has to offer you and then make your move back to Richmond! I'm sure that is probably easier said than done, good luck with your decision!! Oh, and until then, I'm not that far from you...we could always get together!!!

  6. I am going to tell you what I did, when I had almost the exact same situation come up....I left everyone behind to do what was best for my husband and his career and our financial future. I say move to Peachtree. It's hard, I am not going to lie. Being away from my mom was very, very hard. But we visit as often as we can, and talk, text and email a lot. She got me started blogging so I could show her what I do to my house! I am much happier and better off since moving away. And friends, you will eventually make some, especially with the kids being in school. Take care, and I hope you can be happy with whatever decision you make. Keep up updated! xoxo

  7. Well we moved away after only a couple years of marriage and I'm so glad we did. We wouldn't know the people we now know and it was good for us to just depend on "us". I think it's important for you guys to be together as a family, four days doesn't sound like much but I think it would get old, just my opinion. Also I have a great friend with two young children who lives in Peachtree City and I could introduce you to her:)

    Good luck in your decision.


  8. Your story has MOVED me. Honest to goodness. I feel like I need to sit down with you along with some tea & cookies, because maybe this is going to be a looonnnng chat.
    Make that an order of wine & chocolate.
    I'm living a similar situation. 2 years ago we moved 5 hours away from friends & family (all familiar comforts in there as well) and it's been really hard on me, but my hubby & kids have adjusted well.
    BUT...we plan to go back. It's the right decision for us, for the long term.
    In reading your situation, I felt your sadness if being away from family & familiar friends. That is such a hard reality.
    But it sounds like you would really like to go to Atlanta. (come on, those golf cart bridges are adorable).
    And heck, if you have a house that big, think of the guests that would be vacationing your way!!
    I think it's worth it for your kids & you to have your hubby NOT gone 4 days a week.
    Aren't we all as women desiring to feel settled?
    Maybe Atlanta is your answer.
    Keep us all posted on your decision!! I'm so curious as to which path you choose!


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