Monday, December 27, 2010

Really December is about gone too?

Yall? Where is the time flying too? Am I the only one that feels like 2010 flew by in warp speed!

Did you see the cover of BHG Jan. 2011?


I am so in love with the white desk with the pink chair in front of a big window!

I want to recreate it now!

Also I was e-mailing with Cassie over at Primitive & Proper the other day and she was saying she was redoing her daughters bedroom. Well I am redoing my daughters bedroom too. The chandelier kicked it off. So while we were talking I mentioned I was doing pink and another color, but wasn’t sure what that other color was. So she said RED. I hadn’t thought about red. So I Googled pink and red children rooms and found this dream of a room.


It’s like a chocolate brown and pink with some dashes of red. And I instantly fell in love. See the chandelier? haha =) So this has become my inspiration room.

One last thing. Those of you who know our Richmond, VA or Peachtree City, GA situation. I wanted to give you a bit of an update. We put in for the transfer and will know something no later than mid January! I am excited either way. I was in Richmond for Christmas and totally fell back in love with being around my mom and my family. So if we do not get Peachtree City I won’t be too upset.

That is all for now. Starting to take down Christmas (sadly) and start working on some new projects until we hear where we will be going. Then moving day will be fast upon us!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

A New Chandelier for Audrey

Hey Yall!

I was floating around cyber space and stumbled across this picture


From Marie Ricci. Wow does she have some amazing chandeliers! But this one in particular (and all of them actually) are out of my budget. So off I went to recreate it.

I found the ceiling medallion at my trusty ole Home Depot for 19.97 and I had a 10% off coupon.


Just plain Jane but it had those beads on the outer rim that hers has on the inner.

Then for the chandelier.


Do you know where I got this? If you guessed Craigslist then you’d be right!
Of course I got this off of craigslist for $20.00.
They sell the same one in Home Depot for $120.00.

Had the spray paint already from her pink shelf. At least now I know her chandelier and her shelf match.

So after lots of scrubbing of the chandelier and spray painting it.

We hung it.

This was not as easy as I thought it was going to be.

But it the end we got it to work!

And only blew 5 bulbs in the process!


IMG_2833 IMG_2829

So I love it. I need a couple more light bulbs (if you didn’t notice 2 are missing!) and I need to get some more of those faux crystal drops. The original had lettering on the medallion and I may add it if I find a good word or two. Marie Ricci’s said Sweet Dreams. Yall have any ideas?

And since you have never seen my daughter’s room I will give you a little tour!



Kisses from Audrey & Thanks for visiting her room!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It is official.

Kim over at Sand and Sisal explained to me the other day how EASY it was to get your own .com address for your blog. So I did it. I know I know I am not that big of a blogger or a business, but I thought while my address that I wanted was still available I better scoop it up.

So I did.


Go to your blogger dashboard. Go to Settings. In settings go to Publishing. At the top it says Switch to Domain name. (Or something of that nature) And that’s it. 2 minutes and $10.00 and Blogger does the rest for you!

And now I am the proud owner of!

Thank you for riding my roller coaster with me.

Monday, December 20, 2010

I suffer therefore I post

I suffer from migraines. Bad migraines. Migraines that are usually in my head 3 weeks out of the month. If it is not a debilitating migraine it’s a sharp pain in my head that hurts but I can semi function.

I have been getting them worse and my regular doctor has given up the fight. After trying every medicine known to migraine man nothing has helped.

So off to a neurologist tomorrow. So I am nervous. And my head hurts. Probably because I am nervous. So I post. Lucky you!

A quick, easy post with something cute.

{And I’m ok. I will be ok. Nothing can keep me down.}

I like color. I like Christmas ornaments. I like gum drops.

Plain ole ornament from Michael’s

{I am totally digging the sharpen affect on windows live writer!}

Spiced Gumdrops that you may or may not have to go to four stores to find.


Spiced Gumdrop Christmas Ornament

{This picture I sharpened on windows live writer}

{This picture I did not}

{And this picture I sharpened also}

I am totally digging these S.G.C.O! (Spiced gumdrop Christmas ornaments)

Simple and Cute. Just how I like it.

Goodnight yall!


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Friday, December 17, 2010

I am a little obsessed with anything French

Hello. My name is Holly Rhodes and I am a Frenchaholic. Yep that’s right I love any and all things French. The men, the language, the food, THE FURNITURE!

So now that I have come clean about my obsession lets get right to it shall we!?

I saw these two dressers on craigslist for $50.00 for the pair. (Oh yes there will be another reveal of another dresser!!)

I was very quick to e-mail and set a day to come and get them.

I was so excited to get them home. Really I love them!

The long one standing in as a sexy TV stand had to be painted by Thanksgiving.

And I got it painted… So here it is!


I was so excited to start painting I forgot to take a picture with all the drawers.
And here she is now:


Ok the deal with the one white drawer pull… I was experimenting and I didn’t like it! So they are all going to go black and some point! Maybe when the weather turns warm again? *hah*
So I like it and it matches our dining room table.
I do have a bit of a decorating identity crisis, I guess I will call my decorating style white French beachy farmhouse!
Sounds good to me!

What is your style? Do you mix it up? Do you stick to all one?

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hot Cocoa Station

I have seen a few other blogs that did a hot cocoa station and thought it was so cute.

So clearly I needed one for my family.

We love hot cocoa around here and my husband adds Bailey’s to his.

So here is my take on the hot cocoa station!




Glass jars are from everywhere! Every time I see one I buy it! I swear you can never have too many! The “Hot Cocoa Station” sign is just an old board I had laying around and spray painted with chalkboard paint. The amazing little chalkboard labels are from Braden's Grace Etsy Shop. They are absolutely amazing and such a good deal if you don’t have a Silhouette! They are very strong and sturdy and feel very well made. Love them!

There you have it. My Hot Cocoa Station! As you can see the marshmallows are very popular!

Now that I am writing this post I see that I spelled marshmallows wrong! Shh!

So where is your hot cocoa station going?!


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