Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fireplace facelift

Hey Yall!
Can you even believe that Christmas is in 16 more days? I swear I feel like summer was just ending!

I just need time to slow down just a little bit. Before I know it summer will be back and my babies will be turning 4 and 2 and one will be going off to school! *tear*

I have the house decorated 90%, I am waiting for a few finishing touches and then the Christmas house debut will happen! So far I love ALL the whimsy going on. Remember I am doing a Candy Land type Christmas this year. For the kids of course! Lots of bright and fun colors. My husband is not crazy about it. He is more of a traditional green and red kind of guy… but not me!

But for the fireplace to really look good I wanted the oak to go away and a lighter color to be there. I was going to go white but I was loving this Behr Ultra Lime Light color. I can’t really tell what color it is.
Grey – green – white – blue?



Sorry for the funky picture. My kids don’t want me taking any pictures that do not include them! So I have to take pictures of the things I actually want you to SEE late at night when they are snug in their beds.
I now have better pictures of it and now with lovely Christmas time exploding on it. AND it is in a new place. I have rearranged the furniture twice to accommodate the Christmas tree!

So what do you think? Doesn’t it look a million times better! I think I have a plan for the back too.


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  1. yes! a million times better. love it.

    is it an actually fireplace or just a mantle? any plans for the inside?

    and yes .. i can't believe xmas is almost here. it's like november didn't even happen!

  2. Looks absolutely loverly! I just posted my "real" fireplace makeover and linked to Miss Mustard Seed too...that's where I found yours. What are your plans for the inside? One of my friends did a treatment to a faux fireplace for our sale a couple years ago and it would be SO pretty in there. You could adapt it to your style and put it on a piece of plywood simply tucked behind your fireplace. That way it could be changed. I'll put the link to the post below. There are lots of pics but look for the fireplace with the word "dream" and the number "2" in it.

  3. Wow! That is like night and day. Fabulous transformation...

    Take care,


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