Friday, December 17, 2010

I am a little obsessed with anything French

Hello. My name is Holly Rhodes and I am a Frenchaholic. Yep that’s right I love any and all things French. The men, the language, the food, THE FURNITURE!

So now that I have come clean about my obsession lets get right to it shall we!?

I saw these two dressers on craigslist for $50.00 for the pair. (Oh yes there will be another reveal of another dresser!!)

I was very quick to e-mail and set a day to come and get them.

I was so excited to get them home. Really I love them!

The long one standing in as a sexy TV stand had to be painted by Thanksgiving.

And I got it painted… So here it is!


I was so excited to start painting I forgot to take a picture with all the drawers.
And here she is now:


Ok the deal with the one white drawer pull… I was experimenting and I didn’t like it! So they are all going to go black and some point! Maybe when the weather turns warm again? *hah*
So I like it and it matches our dining room table.
I do have a bit of a decorating identity crisis, I guess I will call my decorating style white French beachy farmhouse!
Sounds good to me!

What is your style? Do you mix it up? Do you stick to all one?

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  1. oooh it looks beautiful, holly! and i am so glad you mentioned the one white pull... i was totally wondering what was going on there! :)
    have you been to big v lately? i took tiffany's group groove today- so fun! even though this girl can not dance.

  2. Holly it looks awesome! A dresser makes an amazing TV stand!

  3. For a quick fix on the handle, you could colour it with a sharpie marker...

  4. Nice job, Holly! I think I have a decorating identity crisis going on also - beachy cottage industrial chic! But it works for me and makes me happy :)

  5. I love your dresser!! My taste is anything but modern! I tend to lean towards the country/traditional/shabby style, but really...when I look around my is a huge melting pot of furniture types!

  6. It looks just awesome!! You did a great job and I do like the black handles best!

  7. That looks amazing! Great transformation! We've always had our TV on a dresser (well, until now) and I think they are so much more charming than the usual TV stand!!

    Your new bff, {I had to pop over here to meet you all formal like}


  8. Gorgeous piece! Wait till Miss Mustard Seed sees this one. :) You'd better hold onto it tight!


  9. This looks really beautiful. Glad you explained the white handle as I was wondering! :) A gorgeous dresser makeover. Sonia :)

  10. Hi Holly!

    Love what you did with the dresser, then again, I am a little partial to painted furniture since that is how I make my living, LOL! You did a fantastic job on the dresser, and yes I LOVE the style!!

    Merry Christmas to you!


  11. I love the curves of this dresser! It looks so fresh and crisp now....from dingy to loved!

  12. Great new look. I like the curves of that piece. I mix styles, too. A home looks better that way I think.

  13. Wow stunning transformation, coming from Kims and glad I stopped by great blog

  14. I love the two toned look!The wood top is very rich. You gave this piece a new outlook! Beautiful!

    Merry Christmas!

  15. It came out great! We use a dresser as an entertainment center too!

  16. Great makeover! I love those french pieces too, the curves are glorious!

  17. What an awesome find! It turned out so beautifully!

  18. Oooo, I love it! I really did a double-take, because it looks almost exactly like mine! :) I also am eye-balling your French chair next to it. You just let me know if you ever get tired of it... :)

  19. Very nice -Isn't Craig's List like the best? You see something most people would think it is junk and turn it into a beauty -I found your blog through Savvy Southern Style -I am enjoying browsing your posts.


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