Monday, December 20, 2010

I suffer therefore I post

I suffer from migraines. Bad migraines. Migraines that are usually in my head 3 weeks out of the month. If it is not a debilitating migraine it’s a sharp pain in my head that hurts but I can semi function.

I have been getting them worse and my regular doctor has given up the fight. After trying every medicine known to migraine man nothing has helped.

So off to a neurologist tomorrow. So I am nervous. And my head hurts. Probably because I am nervous. So I post. Lucky you!

A quick, easy post with something cute.

{And I’m ok. I will be ok. Nothing can keep me down.}

I like color. I like Christmas ornaments. I like gum drops.

Plain ole ornament from Michael’s

{I am totally digging the sharpen affect on windows live writer!}

Spiced Gumdrops that you may or may not have to go to four stores to find.


Spiced Gumdrop Christmas Ornament

{This picture I sharpened on windows live writer}

{This picture I did not}

{And this picture I sharpened also}

I am totally digging these S.G.C.O! (Spiced gumdrop Christmas ornaments)

Simple and Cute. Just how I like it.

Goodnight yall!


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  1. Good luck with the neuroligist. Lovely photos of your cute ornament. I found your blog via another blog's list. I'm a Holly too!!

    Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.

    Holly from Kentucky

  2. Cute ornament and such a great idea filling it with gumdrops. My daughter has the occasional migraine. I sure hope you find relief and thanks for joining the party!

  3. I get migraines too. All month but one week. If i did not have my Zomig i would not be able to cope. It sucks i feel for u . I have tried MANY medicines too and Zomig is the only thing that works. But i do get side effects , moody, tired sometimes upset stomach. And honestly i take to much . Well thats what my Dr says. Maybe if he could fix them i would not have to take so many. ( that"s me being moody). I was told they would go away with menopause. I had a hystrectomy at 39 and started meno.. I still get migraines. Wine, weather changes, hormones, stress, certain smells and my job causes them. I dont drink wine. Love my job, and love cheese. Did i mention cheese is a trigger? I give up . I hope u find the right thing. Have u ever tried Botox for your migraines? It is supposed to work and it was finally approved for migraines recently. mishelle

  4. Hi Holly,

    I just started reading Suzanne Somers' new book and she talks about her granddaughter getting migraines. A doctor that was treating her said that sometimes gluten and dairy allergies trigger migraines, and also you might be deficient in magnesium. They use magnesium oil and rub it on her forearms daily to keep migraines away. Maybe it's worth checking into -....I've heard that no one is really sure what triggers them. Sorry you have to suffer. :o(


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