Friday, December 10, 2010

My heart is happy.

This is going to be an emotion filled, no pictures, all words kind of post.

A woman and her husband were trying to hide Christmas from their two boys.

That is absurd. Kids should have an amazing Christmas.

I wasn’t spoiled as a child but Christmas time was a very happy time for me.

What kid doesn’t love presents?

Boxes and boxes full of lovely toys.

I saw this mom’s pain through the computer screen.

I sent lots of presents and don’t know if I will ever stop.

I can honest to goodness say I love them.

Is that weird? A family I have never met? All I want to do is make them smile.

The e-mails she sends me are full of thanks and love.

Have you opened up your heart for a family this season?

If you haven’t I fully recommend it.

It makes your heart happy and full of love.

It is the ultimate giving high.

Better than any other drug you could find.

The joys of giving are running rapid through our household.

And I enjoy telling our kids, “these toys are for another little boy whose mommy can quite afford it”.

And I think it makes their hearts happy as well.



{My little family!}

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    You found the true meaning of celebrating Christmas...LOVE!!!


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