Sunday, September 26, 2010

I love round pedestal coffee tables!!

I love round pedestal coffee tables. I now have two, this one and another one. They are slightly different from each other but I love both of them!

When I got this one it did not look like this, it looked like the top all over! I am mad I can not find a picture of it now though =(

Update: I found a before picture!! YAY

But I love that French and shabby chic look of the dark wood with the white!

So I got a new Purdy paint brush from them to review and well… Never in a million years would I have BOUGHT a $15-$20 paint brush, but now my friends… I would!!
This paint brush ROCKS MY SOCKS!! I used less paint, the paint had less brush strokes in it and the clean up was a breeze! Like for real the paint just fell off of it.
They also sent a roller brush and I can not wait to use it!

I will always love my paint sprayer by Wagner, I use it every single chance I get even if it’s just to spray the air! I love the way it makes me feel like some powerful, tool using woman! {BAhaha} but PURDY brushes are definitely worth the money!
Go check them out Purdy Corp. and my Home Depot sells them!

Moving on…
Well gosh a post just isn’t the same without a before and after!
So here are a few more afters..

P9250036 P9250032


 P9250033  P9250034
{sorry about the neighbors recycling back there! haha}

So there she is all purdy {Get It!? Purdy Paint Brushes}
and ready for someone to buy her!
Yes she is for sale!

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90% of the pictures are not showing up on the blog? Anyone know why??


I’m a little upset because I don’t want to have to go through and redo every single picture =(


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Decorating with accessories

And not creating clutter and more dusting…
I have always wondered this!
I like having things around, but I do not want too many THINGS or STUFF that I have to dust! I do not like dust at all and even worse I hate to clean it.

So I went on a search to figure it out…

I look at my favorite blogs and my favorite magazines

{pottery barn}

I love how PB corralled everything on a nice tray, with some greenery and a deck of cards! I mean really I would of never thought “lets decorate with a deck of cards” but it works right?

So I guess the first thing is to decorate with things you love.

DSC_0007_edited2DSC_0008_edited003 copy
{miss mustard seed}

See how Marian from Miss Mustard Seed uses things she loves? A scale, a hanging dress, old typewriter, and lovely pillows!
Things you would not expect, but they work.

Look around and decorate with things that you wouldn’t think about decorating with, it adds a little spice! i.e a deck of cards, an antique scale, books!

A favorite show of mine on HGTV always tells me decorate in 3’s.

Books = warm and cozy. Books are all the rage now in Bloggerville.
Books are easy to find! Go grab some books and throw them around.
And height to other accessories with books.
{pottery barn}

Flowers and galvanized buckets are always in season! Galvanized tins and buckets look great with white or wood! You can’t go wrong!

{pottery barn}
{restoration hardware}
Decorate with things you use everyday! No one said it couldn’t be functional.
{martha stewart}

Decorating should be fun, if you are starting to stress over it, stop and take a break! It should be natural..

{lasting impressions}

Mirrors are great! They bounce light around a room!
Wreaths are always a fun and different way to add some color and texture!
You can use it for everyday or you can use them for seasonal decor.

Art is another great and easy decorating accessory! Lovely frames that you can put just about anything in..

{house of hepworth's}

Framing skeleton keys is just simple brilliant!

{source unknown}

And don’t forget the ceiling. Lovely chandelier’s are accessories too!

So what are you decorating go to’s?

How about your do not’s?

How do you make your home feel warm and cozy?

Friday, September 24, 2010

New foyer dresser

We have a small foyer in the front of our house and I didn’t know what to do with it! So I wanted a small dresser to fill the space and have some extra storage.
I looked on craigslist for a few months for the perfect dresser. I wanted it to have legs, I wanted a certain style, and I wanted it to be real wood. Well all of these things added up to big dollars and I’m cheap!
So finally, after months of prowling craigslist I found one! It was perfect and it was only $50 dollars!!
P9180037 P9180038  P9180039

Now when I first got it, it was not in bad shape. But I wasn’t really loving the yellow with the dark wash over it. Almost made it look dirty!
So I cleaned it with some TSP


TSP is a paint prep:
It takes off the gloss and cleans the piece that you are painting! So I started with that and cleaned it up real good and then sanded down lightly just to smooth down some imperfections.
I used the light blue that I have used in a lot of other projects. I got this out of the OOPS bin at Home Depot and it is very light blue/grey/white!
Two coats of paint, a coat of poly and a day later, here it is:
P9240045 P9240044 P9240043 P9240042 P9240041
{inside the drawers}

I need to get the handles back on but I am figuring out which direction I want to go with them and lamp shades! Lamp shades are expensive!!

So there she is…
I really love this dresser! It fits so neatly into the little wall there.
I had a mirror but my mom bought it =)
So that is on the list too (which is never ending)

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Fall Porch

Some things I have been working on..
I will do a separate post on each later
My fall porch:
Inside the Autumn bowl
The fall wreath I made =)
P9150043 P9150042 
Other side of the door
A little close up
Other side of the porch, I need one more chair but oh well
The steps
Antique flowers, aren’t the GREAT!? I love them
And then the other side of the same bucket says Happy Halloween!
The scarecrow my kids love! This is walking up the sidewalk!
There is my fall porch, can you guess where it came from?
Did you guess Pottery Barn?

Yep this is from their magazine!
Here is theirs:
Capture Capture2
I took ideas from these two pictures and made my porch and I am just loving it

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